Get Free Domains (For Testing Ideas)

This is worth knowing and takes five minutes.

Get a free domain!

Free domains are great for testing out ideas or putting up a test site (or theme you’re working) online to work with a developer.

The free domain name will have (as of early 2020) the following extensions .TK / .ML / .GA / .CF / .GQ.

To register these domains you’ll have to register them at freenom located here:

An example of using one of these test domains could be, for example, that you’re not entirely sure about an advertising message, or you’re thinking about launching a new service or product but you don’t want your money site (your “main site”) to bear the brunt of confusion with your existing customers or, perhaps it’s a completely different niche to be in, that’s when a free domain can help at zero cost.

What you’d do in this example is, get hold of a free domain with a word that relates to your experiment, point the DNS to your hosting with your simple landing page, and then spend USD$ 100 of Facebook Ads at it. You’ll be able to very quickly gauge if your idea works or not, or whether it has feasibility.

Sure, you can of course just go and buy a domain but many of us are on a budget and we don’t want domains just left lingering around. It’s a neat idea and not many know that you can get hold of free domains.

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