Free Tools to Monitor and Secure Your WiFi Network!

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Free Tools to Monitor and Secure Your WiFi Network!

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“Free Tools to Monitor and Secure Your WiFi Network is the title of our much-anticipated Thursday August 22nd Hacker Hotshot web show with Jason Wood! As usual the show will start at 1200 EST, and if you miss it, then don’t worry, the event will be kept on the same URL (hit the link in this paragraph) for you to enjoy.

WiFi and Wireless Security is possibly one of the more popular security subjects (side note, if you are interested in learning about WPA and WPA 2 hacking and security we have put our two favorite videos on one page for you). WiFi hacking and password cracking remains popular because, in our opinion, the entrance level is relatively low in terms of required skills and the sheer quantity of script-kiddie tools and videos out there is immense. Another reason why WiFi hacking is a popular subject is because Wireless Internet is ubiquitous – understanding this technology is really a must if you are a serious penetration tester or are thinking of starting a career in the infosec space.

We are particularly thrilled to welcome Jason because he will help us determine the best security WiFi tools out there, and as stated above, this really is something that everyone who works in IT security should know about and what better way than to watch an expert discuss the subject?

Brief Summary into our Hacker Hotshot: Jason Wood!
Jason @Jason_Wood is a Senior Security Consultant with Secure Ideas. With more than a decade of systems admin roles and security experience (working with every kind of operating system) Jason has considerable experience.

Jason has spent most of his career working in security, application and infrastructure roles that have required him to identify and troubleshoot potential or existing problems. Amongst other skills he is also responsible for vulnerability assessments, web application penetration testing and network security monitoring at Secure Ideas.

An outline of the presentation: Free Tools to Monitor and Secure Your Wi-Fi Network:

Jason Is Going To Discuss wireless security issues including:

  • Issues to consider during planning for your wireless infrastructure
  • How to monitor and maintain the security of your wireless network
  • Testing the effectiveness of your wireless defenses

The possible legal position of Piggybacking and Stealing WiFi
Wireless security is a big subject and for obvious reasons, most notably due to privacy, theft and compliance (the latter being applicable within a corporate environment). The ability to secure your network is of paramount importance. There are a lot of legal questions surrounding WiFi hacking, or perhaps better said, “piggybacking”, and our research shows that it is still a rather murky area. In the United States there are federal and state laws that specifically address the issue of unauthorized access to wireless networks, but. the difficulty is that the laws vary widely between the states and in particular they fail to define what is meant by “unauthorized access”. In any event, enforcement is nominal if no-existent primarily because detection is virtually impossible. The legality is made all the more difficult due to the presence of portable devices, such as the Smart Phones, Apple iPads etc that are mostly left at default to access open (or inadvertently connect to unsecured) WiFi networks.

The question of someone who intentionally hacks into a WEP/ WPA or WAP2 encrypted Wireless network for nefarious reasons, perhaps to downloaded pirated content, is again a very murky area. The notion that the victim (whose Wireless connection and network was hacked into) is somehow to blame seems very draconian. Can they be prosecuted if their password was too simple or indeed that they had no password at all? For an analogy imagine being prosecuted because you left your front door unlocked and a thief stole your possessions, or perhaps being prosecuted because your locks were not strong enough. Anyway! We are not lawyers and certainly need to understand this subject matter more – but what we do know is that as individuals we can toughen-up our networks, hence why, we are very excited to welcome Jason and for him to share his expertise with our audience.

In Summary
There are dozens, possibly hundreds, of hacking tools that specifically exploit WiFi networks – and therefore allow us to better defend our networks. Having an understanding of recommended tools from an expert such as Jason is a real treat to us and our community. It’s worth mentioning here some additional reading regarding the latest 802.11ac wireless technology – specifically with regards to its’ security posture. We had Joe Bardwell on the show this March, in which he discussed: “802.11ac Packet Capture and RF Behavior for Client Device Analysis” which was an excellent presentation and one we’d certainly recommend if you have an interest in the subject.

Also! We wrote a blog post that lists several specific-WiFi (Wireless) hacking Linux distros – i.e. Linux operating systems that have been specifically designed to help monitor and audit wireless networks. The main purpose of these distros is to save the security professional time by bundling the necessary tools for them to do their job. It will be interesting to see how many of the tools that come bundled with one of these Linux Wireless Distro’s Jason talks about!

Let us know your thoughts below! What is your favorite tool or program (service) that you use to secure your wireless network?

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