Is Passing CISSP Difficult?

We Asked InfoSec Professionals: Is CISSP Difficult?

70% of respondents so far answered that “Yes”, CISSP is a ‘difficult’ Certification.

Of course, the real answer to this question is that: ‘it depends.’

Whether or not you find CISSP hard to pass first time depends greatly on your experience and ability to learn.

CISSP is a senior IT Security Cert and it does require in-depth knowledge.

Love it or loath it let’s just agree that HR and Recruiters tend to love this Cybersecurity Certification. Indeed, many recruiters consider CISSP as an essential part of the recruitment process.

To help you we thought we’d contact Cybersecurity Professionals that have taken and passed CISSP what for their thoughts and experience on how they studied for and passed CISSP, and, whether having the designation has helped their career.

Richard Starnes

Go through the CBK and honestly evaluate your strengths and weakness. Study the weaknesses first. Study, Study some more. Take practice exams. Take the ISC2 course if you can. Get a good nights sleep and pack a lunch for the test. Take a break half way through the exam. Don’t fight the question. Pick the right answer even if you don’t agree with it. Don’t change your answer once you have made it.

Xerxes Kiok Kan

This exam will test your knowledge in Information Security Field, it is a Kilometer wide topic and inch deep. Understand the domain how it will be implement it real situation rather theories only or memorization.

David Schwartzberg

Study for at least 3 months prior to sitting. 1 month prior to sitting for the exam answer practice questions daily.

Dirk Groben

I’ve read books for CISSP examinations. But forget the braindumping stuff. The exam is about thinkining different. And you need to learn gaining your thoughts straight and understandining all vectors includeded in the process.

Danny Ha, PhD

I studied CISSP in 2000. There were not much good textbook that year. I studied all the domains according to the given syllabus from ISC2 and tried very hard to find the related material in internet including the below text book. I passed the CISSP in 2000. After starting to conduct CISSP training in 2001, I wrote a praise on the endpaper to recommend the book CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide by Shon Harris in 2002. After all these years of teaching until now, I still recommend this textbook. The book could explain security management concepts from basic, linking up other topics well, and easy to understand. It is the 7th Edition now. I do not have this book, but I think it is fine as well.

Anthony Leece

I found the study guides to be the most helpful. They distilled the main information points to a more digestible form than the ISC2 CBK book. Practice tests are also helpful, but they can create a situation where not all information is covered, so be sure to read the material that goes along with it.

Leighton Johnson

Study the areas you don’t know first, but review all domains.

Kevin Tighe

Don’t rely on what you know, follow the book and answer the way the test writer wants, even if it is not necessarily best practice in real life.

Roberto Contreras

A lot reading and practice.

Michalis Papachristoforou

Study hard and obtain hands on experience on the CISSP domains.

Andreia Goncalves Pinheiro Santos

Study and study… Make the concepts simple in the mind.

Saad Moten

Passion towards the study and take as a challenge.

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