You better check yo self before you wreck yo self

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You better check yo self before you wreck yo self

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If you are thinking of taking an information security certification then it would certainly be worth your time testing yourself with one of our five minute, ten question multiple choice tests.

Nothing to download or register
Just go ahead and select the practice multiple choice test you’d like to try. We have four security certs to choose from: CEH, CISSP, Security+ or CPTE exam. These can all be accessed here.

There are many differences between the popular infosec certs but at least they are all assessed in the same way, i.e. computer based multiple choice assessment.

What is the pass mark and duration of the course?
Security+ has 100 questions which must be taken in 90 minutes.

Certified Ethical Hacker has 150 questions which must be taken in four hours.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional has 250 questions which must be taken in six hours.

Certified Penetration Testing Engineer has 100 questions which must be taken in two hours.

Some multiple choice practice exam tips!
– Remove answers that you are sure are incorrect, sounds simple enough but if you are completely sure of a wrong answer then put a line through it.
– Generally you will have a little over a minute per question. Use that time well and read and re-read the question repeatedly.
– If you are at a loss to a question then the good thing about multiple choice tests is that you can guess! Take an educated guess if you are completely in doubt.
– Go with your instinct. Your first choice and selection is generally the correct one.

Are you taking an security certification? If you are leave us a comment below and let’s see if we can help you out. We’d especially like to hear from anyone who might have failed the test and then passed second or third time round and discover what you did that helped you pass. Good luck to everyone taking their exams!

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