Backbox gets the thumbs up from Hak5!

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Backbox gets the thumbs up from Hak5!

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We wrote several posts in the past about how great Backbox is and how it topped our top ten Linux pentesting list.

It seems that we have good taste – the legendary Hak5 show likes Backbox as well, which is really great news.

The distro was reviewed based upon one of their viewers saying:

Have you heard of Backbox. It’s an Ubuntu based OS with a focus on pentesting with a XFCE desktop. But, unlike Backtrack it is actually functional as a day to day OS. I’ve been using is as my main OS for five months now and I truthfully believe it doesn’t receive enough attention.

Here is the video which was made a while back now but we only just noticed it.

Shannon mentions the thing that we really like as well, namely the XFCE environment, which is light and seems to work perfectly out of the box. The mighty Linus Torvald also agrees with the goodness of XFCE (when compared to Gnome 3)

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