DEFT Linux 8 public beta & DART 2 Pentesting Distro

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DEFT Linux 8 public beta & DART 2 Pentesting Distro

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The folks behind DEFT Linux (a Digital Forensics Distro) which is optimized for Intel based 64-bit architectures is now ready for download.

You can get DEFT Linux 8 here! (md5: 7a7613d4673e949f9871347efab6e15e)

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Here are some new features and improvements:

The distro now runs on the 3.5.0-30 GNU Linux Kernel and whereas previously the limit was 4GB – this has now been increased. The Sleuthkit 4 works on the distro now. For those that don’t know, Sleuth Kit is an open source bunch of digital forensic tools that run on Windows, Linux, OS X, and other Unix systems. Typically forensics experts use the Sleuth Kit to analyze and investigate disk images and perform in-depth analysis of file systems (including but not limited to NTFS, FAT, HFS+, Ext3, and UFS) and several volume system types.

Other new tools and programs include:

  • Digital Forensics Framework 1.3
  • Libewf and AFFlib full support
  • Xmount and Mount Ewf
  • Guymager 0.7.1, Cyclone 0.2 and Esximager
  • Recoll 1.19.5, software for indexing
  • Bulk extractor 1.3.1 with Bulk extractor GUI 1.3
  • Dumpy 0.2
  • Skype extractor
  • Log2timeline 0.65
  • iPBA 2 and Lib iMobile device 1.1.5 (full iOS 6.* support)
  • Fastboot – re-flash Android partition tool
  • Google Chrome Open Source INTelligence browser and TOR
  • Maltego Radium (here there is a problem, we are waiting the Paterva support to fix it, sorry for that)
  • Xplico 1.0.1 and CapAnalysis

You can see a full list here.

About DEFT
Like many other distro’s and hacking Operating Systems, DEFT hails from Italy! We are not sure why but the Italians sure do have a strong presence with pentesting and forensics distros; two examples come to mind but there are others: BackBox and CAINE.

DEFT comes bundled with DART2 (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit) and the very best open source Windows Computer Forensic tools. Using LXDE as desktop environment and WINE to manage Windows tools under a Linux kernel, and a mount manager as tool for device management, this distro has a loyal following and we encourage you to use it.

DEFT seems to be very well supported with a long list of official developers and contributors. The main developers seem to be a mix of professors, forensic (legal) experts, consultants, engineers, network specialists and more. Several law enforcement professionals are also associated with this project making it a forensics tool of choice for Information Security professionals.

Who uses DEFT?
According to their site the distro is designed to be used by anyone working within a Response, Cyber Intelligence and/ or Computer Forensics capacity. Typically professions that fit into these categories are the Military, Police, Investigators, IT Auditors and Individuals.

Let us know if you have used DEFT and how it is applied to your daily work flow. As many of our loyal readers know we blog a lot about Linux Distros, with our favourite being BackBox. If you are interested in becoming a forensics expert or are just starting out then it is imperative that you choose a distro that you are comfortable with and learn it!

  • Donald M D

    How do i go by starting to use DEFT for law enforcement purposes as an individual (computer forensics Graduate with an aim to start digital evidence business so legal steps ??) ??

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