Linux forensics distro DEFT release version 8

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Linux forensics distro DEFT release version 8

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Pentesting Linux Distro Update February 27 2013

As always, we like to report on Linux penetration testing distributions, and this week we notice that the folks behind DEFT will shortly release DEFT 8. DEFT made it into our top ten Linux pentesting distros, and we are glad to see the project evolve. The recent version of DEFT was based on the new Linux Kernel 3 and the DART Toolkit (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit). The latest version, DEFT 8, is still orientated towards Computer Forensic experts as its’ name suggests: DEFT stands for “Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit”.

DEFT 8 will either be available as a live Linux distribution DVD or through a virtual platform. Running from the Linux kernel 3.5.5 DEFT 8 will also be available for 64-bit and will be shipped with a much improved DART 2.0 system. We are not sure if this is exclusive to DEFT, but DART (Digital Advanced Response Toolkit) is bundled with the distro. This release contains more than 1GB of Live Forensics, Incident Response and malware analysis software, all designed to help the digital forensics and penetration testers amongst you.

Quick summary of the available penetration testing and digital forensics tools:
– Sleuth Kit 4.0.2
– Libewf 20130128
– AFFLIB 3.3.6
– Guymager 0.6.13
– Bulk Extractor 1.3.1
– Log2timeline 0.65
– Xplico 1.0.1
– DFF 1.2.0
– PTK Forensics 3.0
– Maltego Radium CE
– IPBA2 plus WhatsApp, Viber and Skype chat analysis plugins

We’d love to hear your thoughts to using DEFT 8, would you recommend it as a digital forensics distro? Let us know!

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