Free Continuing Education Course: How To Defeat Advanced Malware: New Tools for Protection and Forensics

Free Continuing Education Course: How To Defeat Advanced Malware: New Tools for Protection and Forensics

Henry Dalziel | CISSP, CompTIA, Concise Courses, Digital Forensics, EC Council, General Hacking Posts, ISC2, Mile2 | December 4, 2013

Fighting malware and viruses within a corporate environment is, obviously, a massive task and a drain on every kind of resource. Sure, we could insert dozens of statistics into this blog post to validate that universal claim, but suffice to say, yes – malware is a growing menace.

We’ve some great news though!

We’d like to invite you to take our 60 minute course titled: “How To Defeat Advanced Malware. New Tools for Protection and Forensics”.

“How To Defeat Advanced Malware: New Tools for Protection and Forensics” is a completely free 60 minute continuing education class that has been designed specifically for CIO’s, CTO’s, CISO’s and other C-Level executives who are responsible for their organization’s endpoint protection. The course is designed to help you give end-users more power and freedom which in turns creates a more efficient workforce.

Here are the three learning objectives from this course:

  • To provide an overview of current facts and figures that prove that detection-based/ intrusion based security products have become ineffective.
  • A simple strategy that both leverages the opportunities presented by BYOD and protects your enterprise end users against advanced malware.
  • Actual case studies demonstrating how hardware-isolated micro-VMs are helping Fortune 500 financial service providers defeat advanced malware.

We have also created a 5-question, 5-minute multiple choice test at the end. As long as you pass the test we can issue you with a Concise Courses Certificate of Completion that you can use to register continuing education credits from awarding bodies such as ISC2, EC-Council, CompTIA, Mile2, ISACA etc.

Here’s the course syllabus: [takes approx 30 – 40 mins]

  • Productivity vs Security
  • Current IT Security Products
  • End Users Have Emerged As The Weak Link
  • All Software Is Inherently Insecure
  • Micro Virtualization vs Traditional Endpoint Security Products
  • Conclusion
  • 5 Minute Test! ‘How To Defeat Advanced Malware. New Tools for Protection and Forensics’

In Summary
With nothing to lose and everything to gain, this is an awesome opportunity to learn a new approach to enterprise security and combating malware. The tide of malware is relentless and frankly any means to try and control the malice must be welcomed.

Spoiler Alert! This course looks at a new and revolutionary concept called ‘Micro-Virtualization’. Micro-Virtualization addresses the two fundamental challenges of today‚Äôs computer systems, namely, that users will make mistakes, and that software should be regarded as having some (hidden) vulnerability.

If you are new to Micro-Virtualization then here are commonly perceived benefits of the new technology:

  • The technology has an automatic ability to defeat undetectable malware, therefore allowing security teams to stay focused on business needs, not costly and time consuming forensics or remediation
  • The technology provides real-time insights into every type of attack!
  • The technology protects users even if they click on malicious links, so they can access any website and open any attachment or document, thereby, allowing them to safely embrace mobility and empower your users (hint: think BYOD!)

So, to learn more about Micro-Virtualiation and how it can help your organization please follow this link and register for the free course!

If you have any questions please drop them in the comments box below since we’d love to share your thoughts with our audience.

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