Prevent Data Loss! (Hacker Hotshots web show)

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Prevent Data Loss! (Hacker Hotshots web show)

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It’s always awesome to have a first-time Hacker Hotshot subject, and this Tuesday is just that!

We are honored to have Jon Manning, (an IT Professional with 15 years experience) talk to us about Data Loss Prevention, with particular focus on his solution, Drainware. Jon’s (twitter: @drainware) presentation is titled: “Control Your Confidential Information & Prevent Data Leaks. DLP Explained.” and will be taking place this Tuesday February 11th at the usual time of 12 EST.

What is DLP (Data Loss Prevention)?
OK, the name gives it away but when we refer to Data Loss Prevention we are referring to a set of systems or processes that are purposely designed to help prevent and detect potential data breaches.

DLP is a strategy, usually committed by CISO’s or CIO’s to ensure or limit the ability of ‘end-users’ to transmit sensitive or critical information outside of the organizations network. DLP is critical to every organization and is a subject which has become more prevelant over the years due to compliance.

What are Jon’s main talking points?

Jon will be discussing three typical scenario’s that will affect how Data can be Lost. These are:

First scenario, Jon will outline how an unaware user can publish, unwittngly, confidential information directly to the internet!
The second scenario, whereby Jon will explain how a user could be economically motivated to steal valuable information and lastly;
Thirdly, Jon will discuss the last scenario whereby an attacker is able to get access from outside the organization and subsequently takes advantage of security flaws to exfiltrate sensitive information.

It’s worth mentioning our recent blog post titled: “Kill all RATS! Trust no oneā€¦” which nicely connects the second scenario in which employees can act criminally when they are upset and/ or seeking revenge.

In Summary
This is an excellent and much-looked forward to Hacker Hotshot, not least because it is a subject within information security that we have not covered before.

Data Loss Prevention affects everyone. The majority of our collective data is stored as unstructured files located on file servers and furthermore, enormous quantities of sensitive data can be accessible and used by authorized employees and partners on a host of devices and servers, which all presents various security concerns and challenges for CIO’s or CISO’s.

Being able to correctly and safely protect our data must remain a top concern for 2014-2015 and we are delighted to have Jon present his thoughts and offer solutions and advice to combat DLP.

As always, we really would love to have your participation and interaction either by dropping a comment below with regards to your thoughts on Data Loss Prevention or better still, by asking a question during the live event this Tuesday! If you are reading this post February 11th – don’t worry, you can still hit up this link and watch the recorded video.

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