Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative Hong Kong

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Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative Hong Kong

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Over the years we’ve offered a ton of courses and training on Cyber Security compliance; from Finance , PCI, HIPAA etc. We stumbled across the Cyber Security Fortification Initiative (CFI) here in Hong Kong which is a very interesting piece of legislation which will have the advantage of bolstering Hong Kong’s security posture whilst generating a steady supply of talented and skills cyber professionals in the banking community.

What is the Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative?
The ‘Cybersecurity Fortification Initiative’ is a Hong Kong government project aimed at raising the level of cybersecurity awareness and ability to offer effective defense to the banking sector.

Although Hong Kong’s banking sector hasn’t been hit by any specific attack this prudent approach by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), (main organizers of this initiative) must be a very welcomed project to the finance and banking community in Hong Kong.

In summary, the overall aim is to enhance the cyber resilience of the banking sector in Hong Kong. This project aimes to satisfy its’ (on-going) objective through a three pronged approach:

How will it work? (An Overview!)

  • To implement a Cyber Resilience Assessment Framework aimed at seeking a common risk-based framework for banks to assess their own specific risk profiles and determine the level of defence and resilience required to counter APT’s;
  • A new ‘Hong Kong specific’ Cyber Security Professional Development Training Programme, which is a training and certification programme aimed at increasing the supply of qualified professionals in cybersecurity; and
  • Third, a new piece of infrastructure namely the Cyber Intelligence Sharing Platform will be developed to allow sharing of cyber threat intelligence among banks in order to enhance collaboration and uplift cyber resilience.

We will be updating this page over the next few months. If you are involved in this project then we’d love to hear from you.

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