Recommended Cyber Security Conferences in South America

Recommended Cyber Security Conferences in South America

Henry Dalziel | Information Security Conferences | November 24, 2015

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What’s this post all about?
In this post we are going to tell you about popular (and worthwhile in our opinion) cyber security conferences and events that take place in South America each year. This post is a ‘work-in-progress’; i.e. meaning that we will be add events to this page over the coming months and years – so don’t be fooled by the original published date of this post! If you are interested in learning about Cyber Security Events that take place throughout South America.

Why did we select these Cyber Conferences?
This is not a list of ‘upcoming events’, rather, this is a list of regular (typically annual) InfoSec events that take place throughout South America. We select these Conferences on two criteria: firstly, is the conference reputable?; does it attract professional Cyber Professionals? And, secondly, does the conference take place on a regular basis? If the answer to these two questions is ‘yes’ then it is very likely that we will add the event to this page.

Can I add my Cyber Security Conference that is taking place in the US to this page?
Of course! Please do! All you need to do is submit a form by visiting our main conference directory listing page here. We will happily add your event to all our resources including our weekly email that goes out to thousands of cyber security professionals.

Ekoparty | Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ekoparty is a ‘welcome and open to all’ cyber conference that takes place in Argentina each year.

What we love most about Ekoparty is that aside from industry specialists and professionals that attend, the conference also has a good number of delegates who are just starting their journey in cyber security. We all had to start our careers in cyber security somewhere, and attending conferences to meet like minded people will certainly help with that quest!

Our understanding and appreciation of Ekoparty is that the talks tend to focus towards showcasing vulnerability tools and cyber threat prevention.

If feels like the organizers go to great lengths to make this conference a friendly environment for optimum learning and for that reason alone we’ve added this awesome conference to our “Top 5 Cyber Security Conferences in South America” list!

8.8 | Where: Santiago, Chile
The aptly titled 8.8 Cyber Conference in Santiago, Chile, is named, we believe, as a reference to their location within an earthquake-prone area? I’m not sure if that is correct, if not then let us know!

This event was founded and is managed by local Chilean cyber professionals living and working in Santiago, Chile.

In summary, 8.8 (also abbreviated to 8dot8) is a relaxed and informal ‘meet-up’ of cyber security geeks that band together each year to enforce greater computer safety and security. As a relaxed cyber meet-up, the organizers try to establish an arena in which networking and computer security personnel (ranging from senior security experts to IT technicians) have an equal forum and platform in which they may speak up. The exchange of security ideas and data sharing must be applauded and we hope is a primary reason why you’d consider attending this event, especially if you live in Santiago and work in cyber security.

With both attendants and speakers sharing the latest technological improvements in the industry and the latest security techniques, the net end result is the improvement of cyber security awareness in the Latin America region.

Hackers 2 Hackers Conference | Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil
The “Hackers 2 Hackers Conference” takes place each year and can be considered as being Brazil’s premier cyber security conference. “Hackers 2 Hackers” (H2HC) is, like 8.8 in Chile, organized by people who are directly working and have experience with cyber security issues. According to their site, the primary object of this conference is to make “an atmosphere where sharing and exchanging of computer networking ideas becomes central to the event among attendants.”

The presenters at the conference include corporate personalities, hacker groups and researchers that demonstrate their new techniques to defend against (or attack) cyber threats. The cyber security conference is the oldest research (hacker) meeting in Latin America and has been around for years, is highly regarded, and for that reason we’d strongly recommend that you attend this conference, especially if you are living and working in Sao Paulo, Brazil!

you sh0t the sheriff | Where: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Next on our “Top 5 Cyber Security Conferences to attend in South America” is, the awesomely titled: “you sh0t the sheriff” which, like the “Hackers 2 Hackers Conference”, is also held in Sao Paulo, Brazil each year. Please let us know if this conference takes place outside of Sao Paulo by dropping a comment below, we’re not entirely sure if its’ solely associated with Sao Paulo.

This conference is especially relaxed and is absolutely a ‘must-attend’ if you’re an IT security professional living and working in Sao Paulo. The organizers have been able to secure several heavy hitting sponsors and speakers including discussions on ISIS, Card skimming using a Raspberry Pi and Drone Hacking. This is a highly recommended event and if you’ve attended it we’d love to hear from you.

Industrial Cybersecurity Center | Where: Quito, Ecuador
Although this cyber conference takes place in Quito, Ecuador (and we are not 100% if it is a re-occurring annual event), the organization that founded and organizes such events is certainly worthy to mention in this blog post because of its’ dedication to cyber security in Latin America. The “Industrial Cybersecurity Center” or “Centro de Ciberseguridad Industrial” is the first membership of its kind that was founded by industry and non-profits to promote and contribute to the improvement of Industrial Cybersecurity in Spain and Latin America. If you work in SCADA or work with Industrial Control Systems in Latin America then you’d be advised to learn more about this organization and their conference. The event, titled: “Industrial Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection”, was a combination of training and presentations and was Ecuador’s much valued effort to bring together cyber security personnel from all around the country and neighboring countries.

DragonJar | Where: Caldas, Colombia
(This event was suggested to us by a member of our community). We don’t know too much about this event but suffice to say that it looks like a pretty awesome event. If you can contribute to this conference or to any others please let us know by dropping a comment below.

In Summary
Latin America has one of world’s fastest growing internet populations and now more than ever is the time to start a career in cyber security in Latin America. Whilst the relentless growth of connectivity is bringing enormous social and economic benefits to Latin America, it has also grown in tandem with cyber attacks. Attending the above cyber security conferences will not only rapidly expand your knowledge but will also catapult your networking and give your career a massive boost as well. If you’ve attended any of these events we’d love to hear from you, please drop a comment below.

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