Cyber Security Challenge UK – Enter Their CTF and GCHQ Scholarship Info

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Cyber Security Challenge UK – Enter Their CTF and GCHQ Scholarship Info

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As many of you know we recently launched a CTF Hacking Competition with a top prize of $250,000 worth of equipment! Although there were over an average of over 5,000 Cyber Attacks per minute, ranging from DOS, service payload/ protocol vulnerabilities the target OS and server remained unhacked! For more information click here.

For those interested in CTF’s:

For a full list of CTF Competitions running around the globe click here.

We also have a ton of CTF Programming Specific Competitions here.

The below comes from an email we received this morning, July 7th 2015:

Are you a cipher mastermind?

Do you create games in your spare time and want to fine-tune your skills? Then this event could be just what you’re looking for. You have been invited to a one day cyber ‘createathon’ workshop day to get a glimpse of what goes into our virtual challenges and be a part of the process of creating them. You will work with some of the best minds in cyber security behind the scenes to create virtual technical challenges that can be used to put peoples’ cyber skills to the test. On the day, you will be put into teams, hear all about how our challenges are created and then given the freedom to create your own using a simple brief, with industry and academic experts on hand to help along the way!

We’ll keep you fed and watered while you concentrate on getting creative and producing your challenges. There’s even the chance to gain some kudos and win prizes – any outstanding work that we’d like to use as part of our own challenges will result prizes and the recognition that you’ve built the game, making you part of the Challenge team.

Think you’re up for this challenge?

  • When? Saturday 25th July/ 10am – 10pm
  • Where? Bucks New University – The Gateway Centre, HP11 2JZ
  • Where do I sign up? Email Steph at university at to sign up!

Terms & Conditions – Content created must meet guidelines set out by Cyber Security Challenge UK. In essence, if you create and submit material, you grant Cyber Security Challenge UK unlimited rights to use it but your name will remain with the content as its creator. Full terms and conditions will be outlined on the day.

Virtual round, still time to enter!
Some of you will have noticed that our first competition since Masterclass went live on Friday 26th of June! NCA’s raid of the Flagday Associates HQ has led to the discovery of a memory stick with potentially significant data, which could point to the gang’s whereabouts and possible motives. Can you help with this investigation? For those of you who haven’t tried already.

All submissions (even if incomplete!) will be marked, so don’t be shy! Email your submissions to competitions at by Saturday 18th July.

GCHQ Student Sponsorship opportunity.
Are you studying a STEM subject undergraduate degree course and fancy getting a bursary to pay for it, fancy guaranteed summer work placements as well and even the chance to work in a security role for 3 years after graduating then click here for more information.

In Summary
Let us know what you think of this CTF/ Cyber Challenge. Cyber Challenge UK certainly is well represented in all major UK Cyber Events in 2015, and they are ‘associated’ with GCHQ, MI6 etc, so if you are interested in a career in cybersecurity it is certainly worth checking them out and taking part in their competitions, and of course networking! (Incidentally, if you are interested in starting out in IT Security, then you might be interested in our Cyber Internship PDF’s here – a lot of people have already find these to be very helpful.

Did you take part in this competition? Let us know, our community would love to hear from you and learn more.

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