Prepare the US against Cyber Warfare through Education – More InfoSec Training

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Prepare the US against Cyber Warfare through Education – More InfoSec Training

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OK – credit where credit is due – the inspiration for this post came from the Huffington Post; Sue Talley, EdD, Dean, School of Technology.

The title of the post is: “In Cyber Warfare, Education is Our Most Powerful Weapon”

The Huffington Post article caught my attention right away because we have had some really excellent Hacker Hotshot presentations from excellent speakers. Namely, “Identifying Cyber Warriors” by Dr Holt from Michigan State University, and Hacking as an Act of War! by G Mark Hardy – President of the National Security Corporation. Both of these presentations showed just how the Cyber Warfare landscape is shaping up – with the main point being that it is only going to get more serious.

G Mark Hardy spoke about the recent Israel-Hamas war that crippled a staggering 30,000 Israeli websites and he also gave some really solid examples of how cyber warfare has been committed in the past – notably by Russia in the 2008 South Ossetia War, also known as the Russo-Georgian War.

President Obama’s administration is taking it very seriously – as they should! The U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta spoke about a “Cyber Pearl Harbor” and gave a summary of the consequences of a coordinated cyber attack. His description was bleak and deadly serious.

Is the US Prepared? Unfortunately….no, but we are getting there…

Cyber attacks keep escalating. The Department of Homeland Security is only really now taking this seriously. Their recruitment policies have been wrong (watch an excellent Hacker Hotshot presentation from Winn Schwartau titled: “Solving the Cyber Security Hiring Crisis DHS and the Great Talent Search”) but fortunately they seem to be now making an effort to recruit “people who really know what they are doing.” My point is this: It Takes A Hacker To Think Like A Hacker – Hackers by their very nature are a bit weird but that’s just it – they need to be employed just as they are – weird and talented!

In fiscal 2011 alone, Washington spent $13 billion to protect information technology from attack so they clearly have budgeted for Cyber Warfare!

Education, Education and yes, more Education.

To preserve our national security, we must train and we need more Information Security IT professionals. G Mark Hardy in his presentation “Hacking as an Act of War!” claimed that [an associate] had seen a leaked FBI report which said – and this is a quote from the presentation: “..that the Red Army has at least 180,000 trained professionals doing cyber work – that’s an alarming number! If you look at the size of the United States Marine Corp in its entirety and you compare it to this number, you find out that they have very much the same number of magnitude. So what are we up against and what do we need to worry about?..”

Amazing if you think about it….

So. The Solution! We MUST increase the number of IT professionals with security certifications. Information-security certifications like the CISSP, Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), CompTIA Security+ and Mile2’s CPTE all represent the minimum level of training that cyber security warriors will require to fight our foes!

A certification in information security such as those mentioned about will allow the professional, (generally referred to as a penetration tester or an ethical hacker) to gain the fundamental skills for battle.

You can research and obtain an overview of our Information Security certifications, fees and start dates etc. We also provide detailed downloads of our boot camp training courses and a free exam practice center for you to test your knowledge!

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