41 Cyber Security Job Internships, Jobs and Graduate Positions in the US

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41 Cyber Security Job Internships, Jobs and Graduate Positions in the US

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We cater for all skill levels in Cyber Security. If you are a well-heeled Cyber Professional then we’d really love to have some feedback in our comments below.

[If you just want the PDF, here you go]

Before moving into this post here is a summary of a bunch of previous posts that we published regarding breaking into cyber security:

Some folk are just breaking out in this space and of course need for some great advice on starting your career in Cyber Security click here – we asked our community for feedback)

Starting a career in Information Security (or “InfoSec” as it is often referred) is a wise choice. I could quote a million different references that all say the same thing, that is:

There is a shortage of skilled Information Security Professionals throughout the world, not least the USA and UK.

Here’s the thing: there is strong demand from graduates and young people trying to get going with their careers in IT – and many of these kids will have an acute interest in cyber security, but the point is this: the demand is for “skilled professionals”, i.e. script kiddies need not really apply.

If we all agree that experience is key then how do we go about getting the experience?

That, dear boy, is a great question.

The answer is that we all have to start somewhere, even the greatest amongst us had to start somewhere. Getting a break requires luck but as we all surely agree, luck tends to favor those of us that work harder. The harder you work the more chances that you will get a break.

So, this post is all about Fortune 500 offering Cyber Security Internships. We compiled a list of 41 organizations (in the USA, sorry folks we are planning to make a UK shortly) that either specifically offer Information Security Internships, or, they offer (junior) IT roles which is an awesome way to “get your foot in the door” and allow for rotation into the Cyber world.

If you are an intern seeking employment in the IT Security space then clearly this download is for you! Enjoy it and drop a comment below if you have any questions regarding employment. Our community are a nice bunch and will chime in with their two cents.

What can you do to get more experience?

Teach yourself, approach companies, headhunt recruiters, contact influence makers and specifically go ahead and start to specialize! Specialization is key. If you in your early career can identify a niche that you feel interest you, and once in which there is growth then grab it and go for it! An example of this could be digital forensics – which is a booming niche and one which is highly skilled and technical.

What about training when it comes to experience?

Sure, some people are gonna chime in and say that Cyber Certs are all well and good but they must be accompanied by experience. Indeed – that is ideal. Proven professional education from an internationally accredited organization such as CompTIA with their Security+ course, or EC Council with the CEH – and experience – would be a significant advantage to getting you that job in IT Security.

In Summary

We hope you enjoy this PDF Download. If you have any questions please drop a comment below or contact us through our contact form if you have a private question. Thank you for reading this post and good luck with your job search and career in Cyber Security!

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