Cyber Safety and Ethics and Stuff for K12 Kids onwards

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Cyber Safety and Ethics and Stuff for K12 Kids onwards

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We had the pleasure of having Winn Schwartau presenting “Solving the Cyber Security Hiring Crisis” October 16th – you can see the recorded talk here. Winn is not only a great guy, but a superb speaker and a highly sought after Information Security expert. His latest venture: Cyber Safety and Ethics and Stuff is an amazing cause which has been placed on Kickstarter.

Here is Winn explaining the project:

Cyber Safety and Ethics and Stuff is an easy to read, colorful and visually appealing book, written for the entire family and K-12 schools. The goal is for families to talk; for teachers to use these ideas in classrooms and discuss the important safety, privacy and security challenges everyone from 8 to 80 faces online today, namely, Hacking, Internet Scams, Facebook Privacy, Cyber Bullying, Plagiarism, PC Security Basics for Home, iPhone, iPad and Mobile safety, Phishing attacks, Adult materials, Stealing, Personal online responsibility.

In fact, it’s really a coincidence that Winn is organizing this project because we actually had a web show titled: How Secure Is Your Child’s Social Security Number? September 12th 2012 with Michelle Dennedy, Bo Holland and Andrew Serwin. Michelle works as VP and Chief Privacy Officer at McAfee and founded The iDennedy Project, and the “The Identity Project” that was started as an advocacy and education site, currently focused on the growing crime of Child ID theft.

Child identity theft is also a scorn and the presentations given by the speakers demonstrated the clear need to improve our children’s online safety; something which Bo and Andrew both stressed (Bo founded AllClear ID and Andrew is an expert on FTC trends on mobile issues, Social media and online privacy threats towards children).

Go and back Winn on Kickstarter! Here is the press release in a pdf format.

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