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Cyber Resilience Initiative

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Part of the agenda for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in 2013 at Davos is the Partnership for Cyber Resilience Initiative.

What is it?
The Partnership for Cyber Resilience Initiative is designed to quote, “improve systemic cyber risk.” Sounds good. In short, it basically means that participants (public/ private organizations) are agreeing on principles to guide leaders in their duties to ensure that we are all doing our best to defend against Cyber Threats.

It isn’t a hard sell. Everyone agrees to the ever-growing threat and menace of cyber warfare and hacking attempts – increasingly at the corporation level. We posted about the biggest anticipated threats of 2013 and these seem kinda accurate. We say “kinda” because one of the predictions was for the demise of anonymous. As late as last week (January 26th 2013) the group temporarily brought down the U.S. Sentencing Commission website. As of today, January 27th 2013, their website is very sluggish – probably due to heavy filtering of traffic to prevent some sort of anticipated DOS attack. Anyways – the point is that it seems that anonymous aint dead. So, there goes one of the 2013 information security threats! (For the moment).

Side note, the reason for the cyber attack by the hacking collective was to avenge the suicide of Internet activist Aaron Swartz who died January 11.

Back to the main post – the Cyber Resilience Initiative – it sounds like a solid plan. Again, there is nothing really surprising about this bill (if we can call it that) because nations do need some sort of central plan to combat hacking – at least the criminal element which we can all do without. The espionage Stuxnet James Bond stuff will always continue but that is just life but a coordinated approach to combat the pesky international cyber criminal stealing our credit cards can’t be a bad thing.

The timing of this initiative is important because the health and confidence in the Internet will play a pivotal role in the recovery of the global economy.

Lastly – this public cooperation seems to be a trend – we blogged just recently about the National Civic Day of Hacking which also seeks team effort to use cyber/ networking efforts to solve problems.

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