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Cyber Defense Magazine Giveaway!!

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Here’s some great news – Gary Miliefsky from Cyber Defense Magazine is giving away 12 issues of CyberWarnings each month and the big Cyber Defense Magazine RSA Conference 2013 edition – all for FREE electronically! Click here to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

We were really fortunate to have Gary on our Hacker Hotshots show yesterday presenting Bulletproof IT Security. Not only was his presentation excellent and highly enjoyable but importantly it was packed full of helpful information on how to beef up your information security.

Gary is a highly respected professional within the security community. As editor of Cyber Defense Magazine, which he started after years of being a lead author at Hakin9 Magazine, his expertise is priceless.

Gary has proven commercial acumen as well – partnering with UMASS, he started the Cyber Defense Test Labs to perform independent lab reviews of next generation information security products – and he founded NetClarity, Inc.

Gary touched on many useful tips and ways to generate new business, and if you are a consultant or working within the security industry then you will find the presentation useful. His presentation actually ties really nicely into our other recent Hacker Hotshot show titled: “Secrets of Running a Consulting Business” with Brian Martin. Both Gary and Brian were very generous with their time and offer superb information – check them out!

After you checked out those web shows then definitely hit up Cyber Defense Magazine – it’s a great read and take advantage of Gary’s magazine offer – it’s a very generous offer. Enjoy!

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