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Cyber competitions

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Cyber competitions are becoming increasingly popular and are clearly an excellent way to network, get your name out there and of course improve your skills – but also your teamwork skills.

Today’s competitors exercise skills like firewall configuration, malware detection and file restoration.

One of the fastest growing industries in the US – and the world – is the Information Security field. The United States is rapidly training staff and encouraging firms to educate their IT departments. We hosted a really interesting talk on this subject with the excellent Winn Schwartau titled: “Solving the Cyber Security Hiring Crisis DHS and the Great Talent Search.”

Information Security, and the training/ certification therein lies with our young, but also our middle IT managers. Cyber sports are a great way for all IT professionals to get involved and learn the necessary skills.

Here are some CTF events you can check out if you are interested:

National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot
U.S. Cyber Challenge
Global CyberLympics

These events also offer the perfect environment for students to put the theories and skills they have learned in their information security degree coursework to practical use.

Interestingly, because demand is so strong within this field, many of these events have a rule whereby no contract offers are allowed until after the competition is over. Student-athletes were getting too distracted by recruiters.

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