Win $250,000 worth of equipment! Our Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition!

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Win $250,000 worth of equipment! Our Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition!

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We are delighted to share an awesome event: a Capture The Flag (CTF) competition with TFE SubPico!

For more information please click here.

Who is TFE SubPico?
In their own words:

TFE Subpico are the creators of the next generation of Server Appliances with unparalleled speed and processing ability all whilst operating within a 100% secure environment.

The company, TFI SubPico, is a New Zealand based tech company founded by Brian Parsons. TFE is an abbreviation for ‘Telecoms Forensics Equipment’. TFE SubPico has been operating since 2005 and the tech company has been providing solutions to the Telecommunications Industry and New Zealand Government.

Brian, the founder, has vast experience as an Engineer having specialized in core network and infrastructure, Sim/USIM Security, RAN (Radio Access Network), SS7 IN (Signaling System 7). Through his expertize and pioneering research Brian has been granted multiple international patents (including US, UK, AU) in high speed digital traffic generation and call monitoring.

Their revolutionary SubPico servers and appliances provide the highest performance and reliability in the industry by ensuring services have zero down-time and ensure incredibly fast processing at sustained or peak loads that can be in excess of 120 Gbit.

What does the competition (Capture The Flag) involve?
Here’s the deal….Gain control of the appliance, and win a SubPico Appliance worth $250,000! That’s a pretty amazing CTF Winning Prize!

This multi-tiered Capture The Flag competition allows entrants to apply their penetration testing, hacking and analytical skills to a real-life problem. To succeed in being able to hack this server you will need to think smart and apply creative logic to achieve this!

There are, essentially, two challenges within this CTF, both of which require OSI (Open Systems Interconnection model) Layers 1 to 7 knowledge.

Flag 1 Challenge:
The CTF web application page displays the running time of the competition. The first flag is the CLOCK display field, participants must reset this time to 00:00:00. Flag 1 hackers can ignore the DMA_INDEX field (Flag two only).

Flag 2 Challenge:
The CTF web application provides an additional field ADDRS. To win Flag 2 you must obtain the instantaneous RX/TX DMA KVA/PA BUS addresses associated to their attack session. Once obtained display the indexes, and addresses in the ADDR field. Contestants must then fill in the CLOCK time with the duration of their attack, as measured by time difference L7 (ns) – L1 (ns)

Here’s the link to get the IP Address of the target server!

What are the key features of the TFE SubPico Server?

Here the four major benefits of TFE SubPico technology:

Benefit 1: 100% Safe From A Cyber Security perspective
We like this one the most! We’ve been blogging on InfoSec/ Cyber matters since 2012 and never have we mentioned that anything (hardware or otherwise) is 100% safe from a security perspective, and that makes us very excited about this competition! The folk behind TFE SubPico maintain that their computing services offer unique cyber security safety features, and, point in case, they have been used for years in government agencies without incident. In their own words:

In the network they [our TFE SubPico Appliances] cannot be hacked, due to our advanced technology.

So – going back to our CTF, if you want to prove yourself as a hacker – then go ahead and break this server! Here’s the URL to register and win equipment worth $250,000!

Benefit 2: Faster Processing
The folk at TFE SubPico claim that their server possesses the fastest real-time system that is currently available on the market: in fact, data is processed in less than a picosecond! For those that don’t know, a picosecond is one trillionth, or one millionth of one millionth of a second! Whereas other similar systems being used today process data in micro seconds or nano seconds, Subpico can process data infinitely faster: giving results at least a thousand times faster, enabling more sessions and no queuing for computing services.

Benefit 3: Cost Effectiveness
Every organization, no matter what their size is, is driven to save costs, and IT Equipment and servicing costs is typically top of the budget-control list. TFE SubPico appliances are small in size but pack greater processing power, meaning that they occupy less space and require less materials and servicing. These factors result in their being real cost saving.

Benefit 4: Power Efficiency
It’s all about green these days, and understandably so.

A greater through-put and capacity with a smaller size means that TFE SubPico appliances result in a greener footprint and huge savings in power and maintenance, helping the environment.

Benefit 5: Reliable
All TFE Subpico equipment have undergone rigorous testing – the results of more than twenty years of research & development!

Benefit 6: Patented Technology
TFE SubPico technology is patented worldwide, and you will not find this technology anywhere else.

Other benefits and features:

  • The FASTEST 100% SECURE L7 Terabit Appliance available by any OEM
  • Proven hard real-time performance for time/deadline critical services
  • Reliability with zero down-time, less power consumption
  • Scalable & Modular Architecture
  • Cost Effective, save on Firewall, load-balancer and switching costs
  • Bespoke apps available with or without an OS to suit requirements
  • Port Configurations with Thru-put 10GbE to 240GbE.
  • Supports static, dynamic content, multicast streaming IPv4/6 etc
  • MPP Supercomputer systems with support for Open MPI & MPICH 2
  • Optimised for Multimedia, VOPI, Video streaming etc

In Summary
This is an awesome opportunity for many reasons, not least because of the kudos and bragging rights that you will achieve in being able to have penetrated the world’s most secure server! Also – let’s not kid ourselves, the competition prize is staggering – hardware worth $250,000!

We’ve been interested in CTF competitions for years now, and we list a bunch of CTF organizations and sites that offer year round events that we track here. Let us know your thoughts to this CTF and more importantly – register here – and lastly…..may we wish you the best of luck and – Good Luck!

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