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The “official” purpose of Crunchbase, is that it is a platform for finding business information about private and public companies.

The growth hackers use of Crunchbase is that it tells you who has just landed a big (investment) paycheck.

It’s neat, simple and effective.

Let’s say you live in Pittsburgh, a simple basic Google search (no Google Dork required) pulls up “the Top Pittsburgh startups”, which in early 2020 numbered 176. Here’s the URL:

Now, what do we learn from this?

Well, we see who just received funding, and that means two things:

1. They are (laser-focused) on scaling their business to satisfy their investors and get more funding;

2. And, they have money and need to make decisions right away.

Both of these above factors are green lights for growth hackers – as long as you have a widget, service, or product that will help them reach #1 listed above.

The added benefit of this growth hack is that you’ll easily be able to find out the founders of the startups, and I can guarantee that they will be approachable and friendly, and yes, company founders always (at this early stage of funding), always, always answer emails.

Fire up my favorite GMass tool or Lemlist, (both mentioned in my book) and have a short sweet and curiosity-packed subject field and your open rate will be sky-high.

Bonus tip: when I ran the above growth hack in Hong Kong I had an open rate of around 50%. What got me the actual meeting was the fact that I mentioned, in the first line of my email, that I was actually, physically, in Hong Kong.

Extending our example of Pittsburgh, you could say, “Hi, Henry here from Pittsburgh” which reads as polite, direct, and confirms that you’re not just another speculative spammy email from who knows where. The association is then set between you, a solution to help with their growth, and a physical “in-person” meeting and relationship.

Extra bonus tip: Octoparse (the website scraping tool, actually has a pre-built Crunchbase template you can use to scrape well-funded businesses within your niche and city.

Try it, I bet you get results. Good luck.

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