Create A Link For Customers To Write Reviews

If you haven’t already registered your business with “Google My Business” then stop what you’re doing and do it now.

Google, and humans for that matter, place significant importance on reviews, and there’s no better place to place reviews than on Google My Business.

Once you’ve set it up correctly with images of your office (or just get fake cool photos of a startup co-sharing office from you’ll see that there is a link that you can send to customers to ask them to leave a review.

What I suggest is to create a tracking URL (using a tool like and send that to any satisfied customer. The point I’m making here is to make efforts to generate as many positive reviews as you can on your “Google My Business” page.

I’ve appended the link to my email signature and I’ve been able to generate a dozen or so positive reviews. One of my websites receives a lot of user-generated content and when the user has submitted content I send them to a “thank you” page and that is an example of a fertile place to insert your review – not least because they’ve sold themselves on the value that you are bringing them.

A further twist on this is that if you’re using Gmail business email you can now have several signatures. If you’re having a great conversation with a client then switch your signature to the “Ask for a review” format that has a clear CTA in the messaging to entice the client to drop you a review.

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