Control Your Public and Private Clouds

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Control Your Public and Private Clouds

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At the last count we have five six, excellent, scheduled Hacker Hotshot events this July 2013. We kick off Wednesday, July 10th, at 12pm Eastern with cloud expert George Hadjiyanis. George’s presentation, titled: “Control Your Public and Private Clouds” promises to be a source of highly valuable and practical information security knowledge within the cloud space.

Central to the presentation and discussion is the premise that as companies continue to implement cloud computing and hybrid clouds, their control and security are becoming more of a challenge and concern. Whilst end-users are insistent on being mobile and agile (think BYOD) network managers are concerned with security and compliance. This question and solutions of how to secure and balance these two demands is key and indeed central to all decisions that are being made on choosing cloud providers.

George Hadjiyanis
George Hadjiyanis @GDHadji is the Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Cloud Services Management for Dell (formally Enstratius). Enstratius offers solutions for deploying and managing enterprise-class applications in public, private and hybrid clouds, and we are delighted to have him share his expertise with us. As usual we really encourage you to get involved! As Voltaire said in the 1770’s “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers” – so get involved!

Security issues are embedded within all cloud discussions
As usual, there is a relentless battle between convenience and security, and Cloud is a major battlefield. Appreciating the security implications of the Cloud are obvious: trusting your data and Intellectual Property with a third party is scary stuff.

We see there being two predominant security issues and concerns that are firmly associated with Cloud Computing: those faced by the actual providers (i.e. the organizations that have built and manage the platforms, and, secondly those faced by their paying customers. Perhaps the most important piece of any cloud providers business model is being able to ensure security for their clients’ data and web applications. Marketers can create a perception of Cloud Security – but what lies under the hood? That is the key.

The Notorious Nine: Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013
The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) lies at the center of researching and promoting the best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing. Earlier this year they compiled a list of the “Notorious Nine: Cloud Computing Top Threats in 2013” which is a fascinating read and we encourage you to download a copy.

In order of threat (1 being the most severe), here are the nine cloud security threats of 2013:

  1. Data Breaches
  2. Data Loss
  3. Account Hijacking
  4. Insecure APIs
  5. Denial of Service
  6. Malicious Insiders
  7. Abuse of Cloud Services
  8. Insufficient Due Diligence
  9. Shared Technology Issues

Summary and outline of previous Cloud Hacker Hotshot events

As stated earlier, we are really excited to welcome George since his knowledge and expertise will help every organization with a vested interest in the Cloud, notably with reference to Information Security.

Over the years we have interviewed several other Cloud Professionals, they include, with titles of their presentations:

Seth Robinson: Penetrating the Cloud Opportunities and Challenges for Business
Steve Orrin: Mobility in the Cloud
Jay Judkowitz: Cloudstack Rapid Fire Vendor Responses
Rich Casselberry: Choosing the right cloud provider
Janakiram: Top ten reasons why start-ups should consider cloud
Andi Mann: How To Manage And Optimize Cloud Computing
Ian Moyse: The Challenges And Concerns Of Adopting Cloud
Simon Crosby: A Tale of Two Clouds: The One in Your Data Center and the One in Your Pocket
Rob Randell: Architecting and Building a Secure Virtual Infrastructure and Private Cloud
Galina Pildush: UnVeiling LTE Cloud Security
Steven Fox: FedRAMP: How the Feds Plan to Manage Cloud Security Risks

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. If you are reading this past July 10th remember that all Hacker Hotshot events are recorded and embedded on the same URL. Here is a list of our upcoming events and our past events from 2011-2013.

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