Information Security Conferences of 2016

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Information Security Conferences of 2016

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  • Tanvir

    This is an important info which should be shared and circulated. I am doing it right now. Thank You Henry Dalziel for sharing year planner for Security Conference 2016. Really Helpful.

  • shankar

    Do not include conferences by training institutes (isc2, SANS etc) keep it simple. The longer the list gets its harder to separate the good ones from the bad

    • Henry Dalziel

      You’re 100% correct. We have big plans for this page which are being rolled out within the next few weeks – watch this space! Thank you for having taken the time to have helped us with your feedback.

  • D Taylor

    I love the ease of use. I did notice some dates for March are in May’s calendar. And some of May’s dates were for 2015.

    Is there a time when these dates will be entered into a calendar that we can just import? Currently a copy and paste…..

  • Anonymous

    It would be incredibly helpful to have this information in a spreadsheet format.

  • Robert Johnson

    This is great information about Information Security conferences. Cyber crime has risen a lot in past few years and attending these important conferences is a must. Thanks for sharing such an informative thing.

  • Agbo kenechukwu

    What are the requirements before you can be eligible to partake in any of the conferences

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