Information Security Conferences – coming up this August 2014

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Information Security Conferences – coming up this August 2014

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For those new to our monthly round-up of cyber security events around the world: a big warm cyber welcome!

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OK! So what’s happening in the Cyber Hacking Sphere in August of 2014?
Well, as it turns out – rather a lot! By our reckoning we have 12 major hacking events going on around with the world – so let’s take each of these in order!

SANS DHS Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation Award Workshop (August 1 – 8)
The mighty SANS will be hosting this event in Washington, DC, USA – this is a workshop that will include examples of Solution Providers that offer solutions with regards to Diagnostics & Mitigation.

Black Hat USA (August 2 – 7)
The institution that is Black Hat will be showcasing itself in Nevada for six days this month in August – from the 2nd until the 7th. Black Hat USA, now running in its’ 17th year, is frankly one of the best hacking conferences of the year – offering a happy mix of hacking research, presentations and training for those that require it.

BSides Las Vegas (August 5 – 6)
OK, although not technically a conference, as such, we thought to include BSides Las Vegas because it would allow some of you fine security folk attending Black Hat to pop-in and say hello to the equally fine folks over at BSides. BSides do an awesome job each and every year bringing hacking awesomeness to the community at large.

DEFCON 22 (August 7 – 10)
Ladies and Gentleman. We have it….DEFCON 22 has landed! Yes, in its’ magnificent 22nd year, DEFCON 22 is back with a bang at the Rio Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, United States of America! Costing $220 at the door (no reservations) this is – in actual fact – the coolest hacking event of the year. Hands Down. Think of DEFCON like the ‘hackers conference’.

In case you missed this, check out the DEFCON Documentary below. It is brilliant.

Also – side note, if you are interested in hacking documentaries hit up our relevant blog post titled: “5 Hacking Documentaries [that are actually interesting]”.

Takedowncon (August 14 – 19)
Staying in the USA we note that the next major cyber security hacking con is Takedowncon in Huntsville, Alabama. If you are interested in going to this event then make sure that you go ahead and click on this link – Concise Courses have been able to secure a whopping 80% discount on the ticket sales for this event!

CRYPTO 2014 (34rd International Cryptology Conference) (August 17 – 21)
The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), CA, United States will be hosting this very techie event. If Cryptology is your thing then try to get yourself down there!

HITCON (August 18 – 22)
Moving out of the USA for the first time the next major infosec conference we note is in Taipei, Taiwan – known as HITCON. In their own words:

Hackers do not believe in clean room when it comes to information security no one is exempted….

Therefore you should learn to adept and coexist with the threats let us keep on fighting

…hear hear…we couldn’t agree any more. Here’s the link if you are in Taiwan from the 18th onwards.

23rd USENIX Security Symposium (August 20 – 22)
Returning to the USA, August 20th USENIX is hosting one of their many events of 2014 – this one is in San Diego. Since the mid 70’s the USENIX Association has brought together the community of engineers, system and network administrators, scientists, and technicians working on the cutting edge of the computing world.

Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering (August 22 – 23)
This will be taking place in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Hak4Kidz (August 23)
This one is awesome! Happening August 23rd at TechNexus 20 N. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL, United States. We blogged about this event recently and here’s their link.

In their own words:

Hak4Kidz is an event by ethical hackers and Information Security professionals dedicated to bring the educational and communal benefits of hacking conferences to children and young adults. We plan to accomplish this mission by putting our collective expertise and passion on display for the attendees to interact with us at their will.

A combination of youth base speaking tracks complementing an open area of stations will enable the attendees to expand and enlighten their technical interests. For innovation to perpetuate, it’s imperative that today’s young users are exposed to the bigger picture of how we got here and to help realize their potential.

2014 HTCIA Conference (August 25 – 27)
The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), will be taking place at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort, Austin, TX, United States. The HTCIA conference is a fantastic conference and event for those that work in law enforcement and private industry who investigate high technology crimes.

Hackers Conference (August 30)
To end August we note an awesome event in India (Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi, India) called the ‘Hackers Conference’. The Hackers Conference – in India – has set itself the ambition of combining policymakers and government representatives on cyber security to meet and discuss cyber security.

In Summary
Are you (or if you are reading this after August 2014); or did you attend any of the above hacking conferences? We’d love to have your feedback and thoughts. We strive to improve our blog and add as much value as possible so any feedback you can give is hugely welcome.

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