Summary of Cybersecurity Conferences Happening This Week [Week 40, 2016]

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Summary of Cybersecurity Conferences Happening This Week [Week 40, 2016]

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This post is a summary of Cyber Security (InfoSec) events, conferences and seminars that are taking place this week, business week #40 (October 3rd – October 9th).

For a full listing of all cyber events throughout 2016 please view this page and for upcoming events in 2017 please click here.

Here’s the latest cyber security conference, event news & recommended talks:

3rd annual Industrial Control Cyber Security USA, October 3 – 5, 2016, Sacramento, CA, United States
The Third Annual Industrial Control CyberSecurity conference meets Monday through to Wednesday to discuss everything cyber security related within a ICS/ SCADA – ‘Critical National Infrastructure’ context. Clearly if you work in SCADA/ ICS especially within Sacramento, California then we’d urge you to attend this event or the upcoming 2017 4th annual Industrial Control Cyber Security USA which we suspect will be taking place in the same location. Worth mentioning that we have a blog post specifically on cyber security events taking place in California here.

IP Expo Europe (Cyber Security Europe) October 5 – 6, 2016, London, United Kingdom
This event is mega, and here’s the #1 reason – registration is FREE! Each year the folks behind the IP Expo Range of Cyber Events (that take place throughout Europe) put on awesome events with hundreds of speakers and useful actionable content. If you work and live in Cyber Security in London then we’d highly recommend that you get yourself down to this event, not least because it is free to register! Incidentally, here are other cyber security events in London.

MENA Conference on Technology and Security to Support Learning, October 3, 2016, Saidia, Morocco
Moving to Morocco we note that the organizers are putting on (in their own words), “a world-leading multidisciplinary conference that offers the cutting edge in academic and technological development in all fields of information systems technologies and security to support learning”. Sounds good to us! We have another list of events taking place in the MENA region here.

26th Virus Bulletin International Conference, October 5 – 7, 2016, Denver, United States
The Virus Bulletin (VB) Conference is an annual event that brings together some of the most brightest minds within cyber security that have a focus on threat detection. This conference, which is taking place in Denver, last for three days so you can expect to leave with everything you need to know in the world of virus detection!

SecureWorld October 5 – 6, 2016, Denver, United States
SecureWorld conferences are large events that have been going on for several years now. Indeed, SecureWorld events take place in 14 cities throughout the USA (for cyber events in the USA click here). These events blend training with talks and they are well thought out; so get yourself down to one of these events not least if you live and work in cybersecurity in the Denver area.

IANS Philadelphia Information Security Forum, October 5 – 6, 2016, Philadelphia, United States
IANS – Institute for Applied Network Security Forums, organized by IANS, is an annual cyber conferences that “brings together experienced IT and information security practitioners for confidential information sharing on the industry’s most important issues, technologies, and trends. The two-day Forums include a series of keynote addresses, technical and strategic roundtable discussions led by IANS’ Faculty, networking events, and the opportunity to learn about new technologies.”

Data Connectors Kansas City Tech-Security Conference (Cybersecurity Event), October 6, 2016, Kansas City, United States
There are a ton of these mini-conferences. You can consider them as being career-networking events.

SANS Oslo 2016, October 3 – 8, 2016, Oslo, Norway
We list a lot of SANS events, and we note that this week there are several large ones taking place – in Oslo, Norway, Seattle USA and Prague in Czechoslovakia.

SANS Seattle 2016, October 3 – 8, 2016, Seattle, WA, United States

SANS Prague 2016, October 3 – 15, 2016, Prague, Czechoslovakia

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