The Only Tech Conference to Attend: TECHintersection!

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The Only Tech Conference to Attend: TECHintersection!

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Are you a self-proclaimed technologist?

If you need to stay current in current technology trends from around the world on software engineering, the Internet of Things (IoT) and IT security, than TECHintersection can provide the one source you need to stay up to date and challenge your current perceptions. The TECHinterestion Conference at the Monterey Conference Center in Monterey California, on 14-17 September 2015 will educate, inspire and challenge you with sessions from some of the most prominent experts in the world.

The TECHintersection is co-located with the FalafelCon 2015 providing not one but two amazing technology conferences to sharpen your edge and focus your mind.

TECHintersection, Architects
If you are a network or software architect looking for the latest design methodologies, cutting edge techniques and skills that will broaden your horizons, the Architects section of the conference will be your home away from home. With five of the top experts in the field of network architecture providing workshops and sessions to increase your knowledge base and skills, TECHintersection Conference is giving you an edge on your competition. From Michael Montgomery to Richard Campbell to Ted Neward, the most advanced professionals will be there to provide you with answers and solutions to your hardest challenges.

TECHintersection, IoT
A fairly new but quickly rising field of development, the Internet of Things is considered the future of the Internet. With applications running our everyday lives from reminding us that the milk in the fridge is about to expire to letting us know that our heart rate is too high during exercise; this conference focuses on some of the most exciting challenges facing IoT developers today. From predictive analysis, data collection to micro-controllers, sensors and machine learning this conference will provide the most leading edge concepts on the future. Find out what you can do with your products with the IoT that will make consumers come to your door.

Make sure to attend Doug Seven’s workshop session IoT Fire Starter will give you the basics you need to start your own IoT projects. The kit in the session is yours to keep as is the world-class instruction of Doug Seven. Follow up the session for a lab to increase your knowledge and skills and start on the road to the future.

TECHintersection, Security
Data Breach is two words that have sent the world spinning on its axis in the past few years. This conference will cover all the latest security challenges that businesses face including the challenge of securing the cloud, ethical hacking, security audit testing and penetration testing.

With a session presented by Michelle Bustamante on the challenges of implementation and design for Microsoft Azure and Cloud services, Application services and Virtual Machines, it is sure to keep you on your toes. Come to a conference that caters to the true nature of security and solutions that keep your company or clients safe.

The TECHintersection Conference co-located with the FalafelCon 2015 are conferences to ensure the technologist is prepared to meet the future, not only with ideas, but solutions.

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