Curious to know if you would pass CompTIA’s security+ certification?

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Curious to know if you would pass CompTIA’s security+ certification?

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You work in information security or you are thinking of becoming a penetration tester and you are curious to know if you should bother with taking the Security+ certification – and whether you’d pass? Look no further! Concise Courses is your friend.

We offer the best known vendor free security certs like CISSP, CEH and as stated in the title of this post: CompTIA’s Security+. In fact, out of all the certifications we offer, Security+ seems to have the most interest but it does depend on the delivery mode.

Many of our Hacker Hotshots are CISSP and most are Security+ but we do notice that that is more prevalent for the slightly younger speakers – point being that everyone over the age of 55 tends not to be certified which is a reflection of the fact that these security certifications came later on in their careers.

So – back to the title of this post – could you pass? Here is a sample of previous official CompTIA Security+ multiple choice questions, how would you do if you were to be asked the following!? Answers at the bottom of this post.

Question 1
Which of the following is true regarding the WTLS protocol?
It is a derivative of the SSH protocol.
It is optimized for use with high-speed broadband connections.
It is used to provide data encryption for WAP connections.
It is used in 802.11x networks to provide authentication services.

Question 2
You want to improve security for remote administration to several Linux web servers on the Internet. The data as well as the authentication process needs to be encrypted. Which of the following should you do?
Use SSH to connect to the Linux shell
Use Telnet to connect to the Linux Shell
Install Windows 2000 Remote Administration
Install GNOME and use PC Anywhere

Question 3
What are typical elements of authentication as part of physical access controls?
ID badges

Question 4
What port does the Domain Name Service (DNS) use by default?

Question 5
Which of the following is a security administrator MOST likely implementing when deleting all the unneeded files and modules of a newly installed application?
Exception handling
Patch management
System file clean up
Application hardening

So how did you do? If you got them right then you have another 95 questions to answer in 100 minutes to pass – could you do it?

Question 1 = 3
Question 2 = 1
Question 3 = 1
Question 4 = 2
Question 5 = 4

We have created a learning platform where you can take an unlimited amount of real-life multiple-choice Security+ exams – and what’s great about it is that you can monitor your progress! The tests are timed and give you the correct answers when the test is over. To take advantage of this free and useful resource, go ahead and register here.

Along with accessing our practice exam center we have also included the following pdfs for your interest: “Why study CompTIA Security+?, How to break into Information Security Field, CompTIA Security+ Syllabus, Exam Structure – how is it graded?, Practice Exams (Virtual Test Center), 150 Security+ Acronyms, Information Security Salaries and Opportunities, CompTIA InfoSec Pathway, 300 InfoSec Interview Questions, 50 Firefox Pentesting addons and 13 Interview No-No’s!” Hit this link up to get all of this Security+ goodness.

Should you bother taking the exam?
Well that’s your call obviously. According to the 2012 Global Knowledge Salary Survey one thing we can tell you with certainty is that with over 211,000 Security+ certified worldwide earning an average salary of $76,000 which is not at all bad.

The certification can help you get started in a career as a Security Specialist/Consultant, Security Engineer or Security Administrator.

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