Recent Changes in the CompTIA Continuing Education Program

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Recent Changes in the CompTIA Continuing Education Program

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CompTIA continuing education requirements have changed recently.

Previously – CompTIA certifications never expired. In other words, if you had the CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+ or the CompTIA A+ certification, then you continued to enjoy these certifications for life. There was absolutely nothing to worry about after getting any of these three certifications and it didn’t matter whether you took part in any CE (Continuing Education) program or not. But all that has changed.

Since January 1st 2011, the certification you would have recieved will only be valid for a term of three years from the issue date. So, within those three years, you will have to take the certification exam again to keep it valid and to keep your CompTIA membership. It’s worth mentioning that there is a second option as well! You can join a CompTIA continuing education program for recertification. Employers will then know that your certification is valid and you will be able to keep your certification!

The Good News
Concise Courses offers FREE CompTIA Continuing Education courses and programs! All our courses are contained within our mobile responsive learning management system and our current diet of courses are awesome – and importantly – they are fully up to date and security-focused. Want to learn more? Click here.

Why Continuing Education?
It’s our view that CompTIA have made the right move. Let’s face the obvious point here – i.e. that IT, especially information security – changes at a frantic pace. And so, what’s valid today can definitely become outdated tomorrow – need we mention Zero Days! Three years is indeed a long time in information technology and from all the professions that exist out there – the one that will need constant continuing education is cyber security, hence the focus that CompTIA places on the necessity of continued learning.

Businesses that employ security folk, particularly the three letter US government agencies (FBI, NSA etc), must have employees who are updated with the latest and greatest knowledge.

It’s not just CompTIA!
All the major membership securit bodies that offer awards and certifications insist on continuing education.ISC2, Mile2, ISACA and EC-Council all have terms that stipulate that their members must complete continuing education credits to maintain their active membership status.

As far as CompTIA Is concerned recertification will be received as a new CE designation and will appear on the certificate and show that the student (member) has completed the required continuing education program.

CompTIA Continuing Education Is Good For both Employers and Employees
Employees taking continuing education (refreshing their knowledge and sharpening their skills) shows that they are committed to their chosen career. Taking the exam again within those three years, or joining a program shows that they are always open to new ideas and thoughts. Additionally, it demonstrates the right attitude in today’s tough job market.

Most employers will often fund the costs towards the CompTIA continuing education requirement of their employees, and award them with higher salaries once they have completed their re-certification, provided of course they decide to continue working with the same employer. It’s really a win-win situation for everybody. Needless to say that most employers will also grant the student ‘study-time!’

Another Change in CompTIA
CompTIA has made another change in recent times: from January 1st 2014, there is absolutely no restriction on the number or amount of CEUs (Continuing Education Units) you need to do for your training. This move has been welcomed by our students.

This change was made effective on March 15th 2014, so, the certification would now be reinstated for any person who was de-certified before because they exceeded the cap that was previously there. It is valid even for those who are now trying to renew their CompTIA certifications through a CompTIA continuing education program.

In Summary
Concise Courses is an approved CompTIA continuing education partner. We also offer a range of other cyber security certs and training programs such as Beginners and Advanced Hacking, Web App Security, Secure Coding, WordPress Security, Digital Forensics, Networking Security and Healthcare Security.

Worth mentioning of course that all our training programs and short hacking courses are all valid for CEU!

Let us know your thoughts! What do you think about Continuing Education? Is it worthwhile or just another way to monetize a certification? Let us know, we publish all replies as long as they are free of negative and unconstructive comments.

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