ClubHack Conference next week!

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ClubHack Conference next week!

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For those that are interested in information security conferences – there is a great one coming up in Pune, India, Dec 1-Dec 2 2012 – ClubHack.

They have organized a string of workshops for mobile, managers and developers.

Since 2007, ClubHack is one of, if not India’s oldest, publicly visible community of information security professionals. They also publish a hackers magazine and are all round actively involved in the community. Their blog contains vast amounts of information on hacking and security concerns and questions.

In their own words, ClubHack aims to bring security awareness to as wide a range of people as possible. Their goal of raising awareness to cyber security is achieved through their member driven open community. Overall the guys over at ClubHack state that their overriding aim is to make technology users aware of the risks associated with cyber transactions as well as the security measures.

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