CEHv8 – the new syllabus and course from EC-Council: Certified Ethical Hacker

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CEHv8 – the new syllabus and course from EC-Council: Certified Ethical Hacker

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CEHv8 – here are some new features of the course
With CEHv8 EC-Council moved to a new server platform with the latest and greatest software running in a Hyper V environment (Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Server 2012 platform). It seems that the main purpose of using Hyper V is to detach the training from ageing persistent threats and vulnerabilities (which the student must still learn) – whilst learning the latest security technologies.

Another new development of the course is ‘Aspen’. Aspen is basically a continuity learning project in the sense that training will continue throughout the student’s life. The main point it seems, and something which we firmly believe in here at Concise Courses, is that information security learning must be constant – and for obvious reasons! There are daily and constant threats that emerge on a daily basis, from zero days to the introduction of new variants and types of computer worms and viruses. Aspen allows the student to access resources and also to network within the security community; with the main focus being education.

CEHv8 has also added IPV6 which really adds an updated complexity to the course. Furthermore, mobile and cell hacking has been included – focusing on Android, Tablet, iPhone, iPads etc. That is clearly a great addition to the course syllabus and content.

CEHv8 also included a more enhanced and interactive version of iLab. This version actually involves the students participation. The new iLab’s features are either offensive or defensive by nature – as they should be when it comes to learning the arts and skills of becoming a penetration tester. I guess that the real intention of the CEHv8 iLab set-up is to make the training more realistic, certainly something which will be gratefully received by both the student and instructor.

We have been blogging about CEH and EC-Council for a while now and have a popular InfoPack where you can download and learn more about the course should you be interested. Furthermore we also have what we refer to as a ‘Snap 5 Minute CEH Exam’ which will give you an instant snap-shop of how good/ knowledgeable you are! If you have any specific questions please get in touch with us otherwise leave a comment below!

In Summary
CEHv8 is an enhanced improvement from CEHv7.1 and CEHv7 so we certainly encourage you to get involved!

CEHv8 also comes under ANSI17024 ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation – which basically means that the course and organization (EC-Council) has been recognized as being high-value and industry accepted. We at Concise Courses offer the course in either a live classroom environment, live online or by distance learning. Learn more about our various CEH study options and associated fees.

If you are interested in more niche courses like nmap training or SCADA/ ICS security – then we got you covered!

What do you think about CEH – especially the latest CEHv8? We’d love to hear from you! Please add a comment below.

  • Abel

    How do I to apply for this course?

  • kiran

    which qualification is required for this exam…..?

  • Shamim Akhtar

    i will really want to learn to ethical hacking…………!!

  • Saad

    Suppose a person pass the CEH version 8 then after few years that version expired than that person degree or certificate of CEH is also expired or not?

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