Certified Ethical Hacker exam retake policy

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Certified Ethical Hacker exam retake policy

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Not that any of our students would fail of course! – or have failed for that matter, it is good to know what the EC-Council exam retake policy is. We are referring to the Certified Ethical Hacker certification in this post – for all other certifications it’s best to check directly with EC-Council.

According to the organization, if a student does not successfully pass CEH then they can purchase vouchers to retake the exam at the cost of $500. CEH exam vouchers are available from EC-Council or VUE & Prometric APTC.

Here are three facts about re-taking a CEH exam:

1. There is no “cool-off” or waiting period required to attempt the exam for the second time.
2. If a student fails a second, third or fourth attempt to pass the exam then there is a cool-off period of two weeks.
3. According to EC-Council rules a CEH student is not permitted to take five attempts within a year period.

The terms are pretty generous really – but for students who fail the exam a third time – they ought to really be getting more “direct” help. From our experience in online education and training there is no direct association with more students failing “because they attended online boot camps” – rather, it is always down to the levels of preparation that a student has made prior to taking the exam.

However, failing for a third time clearly indicates that there are areas of the CEH syllabus that are not understood and in this instance it might be better to seek direct live tuition.

It is worth also saying here that EC-Council exam vouchers are valid for a maximum period of a year from the date of purchase. If you have to extend the duration of the exam voucher then the cost is $35 for an additional three months.

The exam vouchers are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable.

Good luck! Let us know how your studies are going in the comments below. Did you have to re-take? If so we’d like to hear from you.

We also have the world’s best CEH InfoPack if you’d just like to have more information, or, take a 5 minute CEH practice test if you prefer!

  • Shahzad Waheed

    A disaster happened to me and I need some help please. I booked the test through VUE Pearson for today 25/06/2013 and i wanted to re-schedule it and I re-schedule it for 05/07/2013. I don’t know what happened and how it happened that the appointment was not rescheduled and I received call from testing centre that I missed my appointment for exam. It is a very expensive exam and I don’t know what are your policies for exams? Please help me what I do? How much I need to pay again to take exam i am depressed upset …. please help me.


    • Henry Dalziel

      Hi! Sorry to hear that. Generally speaking, our experience with EC-Council is very positive when we have contacted them on behalf of our students. Let us know if you have solved your problem. We hear your pain, it must be very frustrating preparing for an exam, not least CEHv8 which has a lot of content. Good luck – let us know what happened and whether we can help.

      * If you are one of our students please contact Lily, she will assist you and make sure that your problem/ concern is resolved ASAP. Thanks, Henry

  • imran tanvir

    I have completed CEH training. Institute gave a voucher for CEH exam. I want know how much is the voucher worth for the CEH exam?

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