Interested in starting a career in Penetration Testing? Here are some tips!

Interested in starting a career in Penetration Testing? Here are some tips!

Henry Dalziel | Hacker Hotshots, Information Security Careers, Pentesting Distros, Pentesting Tools | July 2, 2013

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  • Jash

    Hi Henry,
    First of all, let me convey a great thanks for such a concise and perfect post. I am a guy really interested in infosec and have got little grip too in this field. This post was really a good one to read.

    In your 4th point you have written that you would like if someone shares few sites related to live hacking.
    I would like to share something through which I practice my skills.
    This is again a live website left vulnerable.
    check my blog

    – OWASP webgoat.
    It is a vulnerable web application based on jsp. You will get a complete pack of vulnerabilities available to get exploited here. Interested guy can test many attacks like “http splitting attack”, “XSS”, “SQLi”, “Hijacking” and many more.
    This is a live banking website but don’t panic, this is again a “test” website.

    I wish this could help someone in need.

    (P.S – This is solely for educational purpose. I am not liable if any one has evil thoughts in their mind)

  • John

    Should add Nessus/OpenVAS and Wireshark to the list. Also some programming knowledge goes a long way.

  • Paul Rigney

    kali linux is a distro designed for security / pentesting with many of the above tools included

  • Arockia


    First of all I should pay my thanks to you for such a simple and neat post for a brief intro about the career in InfoSec. Thanks a lot. I will follow the guidelines and I am sincere about proceeding career in InfoSec. Happy to see Python in all the articles which discuss about pentesting and hacking.

  • sunny

    I am interested in penetration testing career. I know some basic about Kali Linux. Also find a good company if I am able to learn.

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