Capture The Flag Competition! September 13th, 2014 – Online CTF Event

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Capture The Flag Competition! September 13th, 2014 – Online CTF Event

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Quick update to this post: we launched a specific CTF Resources Page here.

We are absolutely thrilled pleased to announce that Concise Courses will be sponsoring an amazing CTF hacking competition this September 13th!

Here are the all important details:

  • DATE: September 13th, 2014
  • TIME: 10AM – 6PM ES
  • LOCATION: Online (OpenVPN)
  • PLAYERS: 25 Players Maximum
  • COST: $20.00 (USD)

Click here for more information and to register.

Why participate in this Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition?
There are many reasons why you – as a budding ethical hacker/ infosec professional or pentester – should get involved, not least because it will further hone your hacking skills but also because it will make your CV shine and you will look awesome if you win. Get involved – here’s the link again for more information.

What is a Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition?
This is only for the benefit of those that have stumbled into this post. In the cyber security world, Capture the Flag – mostly abbreviated to ‘CTF’ is an IT security competition. Contests are let loose in a ‘real-life’ exercise in which they can practice skills in being able to, for example, secure a machine or network, as well as conducting and reacting to the types of attacks found in the real world.

CTF events typically include, for example, reverse-engineering, network sniffing and monitoring, protocol analysis, system administration and creating shells, programming, and cryptanalysis.

Custom Linux Hacking Distros
As many of you know, we love our Linux Hacking Distros.

The guys and gals over at Top Hat Sec (organizers of this CTF event) have a bunch of custom Linux distributions (mostly for penetration testing) and one of these has been specifically created for this event. The distro is titled: Red Team Labs Edition (RTLE) Linux OS which is currently in Beta stages. The final release date has not yet been determined.

The focus of this Linux operating system was to create something that had the majority OR major tools installed from Github. Many repositories like Kali Linux and Backbox like anything else have to be maintained.

In Summary
If you are serious about a career in information security then you must get involved in this CTF competition.

Since this competition is an offensive (“Red Team”) security competition, and not a defensive (“Blue Team”) security competition, the following must be understood and agreed upon:

1. Players may NOT attack or attempt to attack any network outside of the CTF VPN.
2. Players may NOT attack other players.
3. Players may NOT use ANY Denial of Service attacks or tools. There is no need for this and all it will do is disrupt the CTF environment for other players.
4. Players may NOT share ANY CTF solutions or answers to challenges during or after the CTF with other players. Players may write, blog, or talk about it generally speaking but are not allowed to divulge specific information on the direct solution of a challenge
or flag. This is because we may use these challenges in future events with different players.
5. Players ARE allowed to team up as 1 team. 1 team consists of 3 players. Any team must be decided prior to the CTF. The team also MUST have a designated TEAM LEADER. All players on a team that places 1st – 3rd are eligible for the standard prizes;
however, ONLY THE TEAM LEADERS for the 1st and 2nd place teams are awarded their respective bonus prizes. If part of a team, players collect points as a collective, not as an individual.
6. Players are awarded points by solving a challenge or collecting a unique FLAG number. These solutions must be entered into the CTF Scoreboard in their respective locations. If the solution is correct, points will be awarded automatically by the system.
If you have solved a challenge or captured a FLAG and the system is not accepting your answer, please contact ctf /at/ top-hat-sec dot com.
7. CTF Administrators will be monitoring the CTF during the entire duration of the event and can provide support to the players.
8. A chatroom will also be provided to all players in the event they need to communicate with a CTF admin. The link to the chatroom will be emailed to the players prior to the CTF. The chatroom will have both a public and private messaging system.
9. Players may NOT attack or attempt to attack the CTF scoreboard.
10. Players may NOT attack or attempt to attack the CTF VPN Server.
11. Players must notify an admin if a target machine is not responding or acting as it should. If the CTF admin determines that there is an issue with a machine, it will be rebooted.
12. Players may NOT flood or spam the chatroom.
13. Players will remain respectful to all other CTF players in the chatroom. A warning will be given if an admin deems a player’s behavior in the chatroom to be inappropriate. If the player’s inappropriate behavior persists after the warning, the player will be banned and disqualified from the competition.
14. CTF Administrators are not allowed to play in the CTF. They are only allowed to provide support.
15. Any person who contributed to making the CTF challenges is not allowed to play in the CTF.
16. Players are NOT allowed to alter or move challenge or flag files If you have any questions or concerns, please email
ctf /at/ top-hat-sec dot com

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