FREE Course: Defining and Building an Effective Threat Intelligence Capability

FREE Course: Defining and Building an Effective Threat Intelligence Capability

Henry Dalziel | Concise Courses | September 16, 2014

As the undisputed masters of free cyber security courses on the web we are delighted to announce another awesome course that will taught by Eric Olson.

Course Fundamentals:
The course took place September 19th EST at 12pm. Here’s the link for the course which we’ve archived and are now selling access to for only $19.

Course Overview
“Cyber Threat Intelligence” is the latest security industry buzzword and whilst it seems that everyone refers to the term – there are many that do not know what it really means…enter our course! In this course we outline a clear definition of what Cyber Threat Intelligence is and Eric, your instructor, will talk you through every key aspect of evaluating, planning and implementing an effective, justified Threat Intelligence capability.

Learning Objectives: When we are done, you should be able to:

  • The course will clearly explain what we mean by ‘Threat Intelligence’ – i.e. What it is, what it isn’t, and the three specific features that differentiate data from intelligence.
  • The course will also determine whether your organization is prepared to implement a program, and to critically evaluate whether you actually need one.
  • We will examine certain vendors, compare options and choose between implementation methodologies.
  • The course will also build a business case and communicate specific values and performance measures to senior management.

In Summary
See you there! This “Cyber Threat Intelligence” course will help you better understand what your organization needs to do to better toughen their security posture. We actively encourage questions so we hope that you do so! Please either drop a comment below or ask during the actual event. Your feedback and contribution is vital!

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