Breaking Into Cyber Security Course [Student Testimonial]

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Breaking Into Cyber Security Course [Student Testimonial]

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The below is a guest blog post written by one of our students Joshua Coppola.

(Joshua also wrote an excellent blog post which has received tons of comments and has proven very helpful to folk that are trying to break into cyber security titled: Any advice to offer this future InfoSec professional?)

[Quik update on this post…] This was was a course we used to offer called: “Breaking Into Cyber Security” – which we plan to make open and give everyone free access to it. But if you are interested in starting a career and finding a job in cyber security (Information Security) then we’d certainly recommend hitting the above link. Good luck!

This course was an amazing introduction to the world of cybersecurity!

The tips and tools given through this course have greatly assisted me in the development of my career. A couple of the tips in particular have assisted with this. For instance tip #2 “Curiosity is Key”, this tip has helped me by showing me that I can’t expect the cyber security realm to come to me. Instead, I have to go out and practice and be involved in it to fully understand. Asking questions such as, “Why does this website work this way? Why does this password not work?” Questions that force me to delve deeper into understanding it.

This also has helped me because whenever I am asked about a subject, it forces me to ‘dum it down’ and see if truly understand it well enough to explain to someone unfamiliar with security. A couple of the other tips involved ways to leverage LinkedIn and increase one’s internet profile. These have helped to develop my current LinkedIn profile. (I welcome all critiques and views on my profile btw). This course is perfect for anyone who is questioning where to go or what to do with their life.

This course defeats the saying, “I can’t get the job without the experience and vice versa.” It takes a beginner and shows them what and where to participate in within anyone’s area of reach. I have used the tips and information from this course in the ways shown above to get experience. Another tip was to reach out to bug bountys sites in order to find and report these. This field holds particular interest to me as I enjoy finding loopholes in security measures.

I don’t exploit mind you, but looking at a site, figuring out how it works, and then figuring out how to break it interesting to me. In summary, this course will assist the beginning cyber security minded individual into building their profile, gaining experience (personal or certifications), and hopefully obtaining their sought after job.

Remember to hit up Joshua’s other awesome post which is a huge help to those seeking to start their career in information security.

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