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Open Security Research Blog: Foundstone

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We had an extra special Hacker Hotshot event with Chris Silver from Foundstone a few weeks back now titled: Go With the Flow: Strategies For Successful Social Engineering

Chris is hugely experienced and it was a pleasure to have him on the show. His talk was especially interesting given the examples he shared with us – i.e. real-life recorded phone calls made by the man himself and his team. It was a really fascinating insight into how “easy and possible” it is to acquire information from people.

The other reason for this post is because we wanted to share with you all the Open Security Research Blog – something which Chris and the folks at Foundstone (a divison of McAfee) are associated with. The posts are very informative and you can certainly learn a lot there.

We’d love to have Chris back on the show in 2013 so please sign up to our next events and we will keep you posted to his hotly anticipated return!

Here are questions asked at the end of the talk:
Can you share any type of bench mark conversion rates? Obviously one of the key goals is getting a password, have you worked out a minimum conversion rate that you are looking for?

If there is one thing an organization can do to protect themselves better what would it be, i.e. is there a major hole that can be instantly patched?

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