On My Command. Unleash Hell! The Black Hat Arsenal 2013!

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On My Command. Unleash Hell! The Black Hat Arsenal 2013!

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We report a lot on Information Security Conference – here’s our list for 2013, and this year’s major event: Black Hat 2013 in Vegas is underway! For those that are completely new to IT security, Black Hat is huge. From its inception in 1997, Black Hat has evolved into a global conference series with annual events in Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Las Vegas and Washington DC. In short, it is a conference for the world’s best security researchers and educators.

Little bit of trivia for you, Black Hat was founded by Jeff Moss, who also founded DEFCON.

We love these events and are heart-broken not to attend this year, in fact the real reason we can’t attend is our allegiance to our audience! We have organized a series of training events that need our attention that are slap in the middle of Black Hat 2013.

This years event is broken down as follows:

  • Trainings July 27-30
  • Briefings July 31
  • Briefings August 01
  • Arsenal July 31
  • Arsenal August 01
  • Executive Summit July 30
  • Sponsored Workshops July 31

We’ve listed the Black Hat 2013 Arsenal talks below. We like the Arsenal talks the most, since a lot of our own Hacker Hotshot guests have presented their own security tools. Our own examples include: PunkSpider, Sploitego, Scapy, Scylla and 1.0 Alpha, and ThreadFix.

If you’d like to see the official Black Hat Arsenal page then hit this link (which is far more detailed!) but if you just want a real quick summary then here you go:

Black Hat 2013 List of Arsenal Talks (Pentesting Tools)


Armitage: A Scriptable Red Team Collaboration Tool Raphael Mudge
Automated Electromechanical PIN Cracking: R2B2 and C3BO Justin Engler
Binfuzz.js Artem Dinaburg
Dalvik Inspector Joe Sylve
De-Cloak Darren Manners
Dependency-Check Jeremy Long
Drozer (formerly known as Mercury) Tyrone Erasmus and Daniel Bradberry
Dude, WTF in my car? Alberto Garcia Illera and Javier Vazquez Vidal
FSFlow Pat McCoy
g0tbeEF Michael Ossmann Jared Boone
HTExploit Matias Katz
HookME Manuel Fernandez
ice-hole Darren Manners
iMAS – iOS Mobile Application Security libraries Gregg Ganley
Information Disclosure in Facebook Graph Api with A.T.H.O.S Michael Hudson
Invoke-ReflectivePEInjection Joe Bialek
iocwriter_11 William Gibb
JMSDigger Gursev Singh Kalra
Kfuzz Matthew Bergin
Lair Tom Steele
Mandiant Redline Theodore Wilson
ModSecurity Ryan Barnett
OSfooler: Remote OS Fingerprinting is over Jaime Sanchez
OWASP Broken Web Applications VM Chuck Willis
OWASP Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework Ajin Abraham
PyPTP Matthew Bergin
RAFT 3 Gregory Fleischer and Nathan Hamiel
Registry Inspector Forensics (RIF) Lodovico Marziale
ShellNoob Yanick Fratantonio
ShinoBOT/ShinoC2 Shota Shinogi
SimpleRisk Josh Sokol
Smartphone Pentest Framework Georgia Weidman
Social-Engineer Toolkit David Kennedy
SocialKlepto Jason Ding
SPARTY Aditya K Sood
Sphere of Influence 3.2 Darren Manners
The cat’s meow Taylor Pennington
ThreadFix Dan Cornell
ThunderCell Georgia Weidman
TinyLane Rob Bathurst
Triana Juan Garrido
Vega David Mirza Ahmad
Viproy VOIP Penetration and Exploitation Testing Kit Fatih Ozavci
VScan Federico Massa
WATOBO Andreas Schmidt
WebVerify Luis Antonio and Rosales Marco
Xenotix xBOT Ajin Abraham


Barnaby Jack RIP
We just want to take this opportunity to send our condolences to the family of Barnaby Jack who has died this week. Barnaby was scheduled to speak at this years Black Hat.

For those that don’t known, Barnaby Jack hacked ATM’s! Watch this video and you’ll see what we mean – really unbelievable and real magic! Seriously, this is what it’s all about.

His work forced banks to secure their machines and he sparked safety improvements in medical devices since he demonstrated how to hack into pacemakers. He was only 35 and the cause of his death is unknown. Again, our condolences to his family and close friends and he will be sorely missed.

Are you at Black Hat? Please let us know what you enjoyed the most and why, we’d love to hear from you.

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