11 Amazing Things Bill Gates Has Done [Part Three]

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11 Amazing Things Bill Gates Has Done [Part Three]

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Bill’s Good Deed #7
As a kid Bill Gates had a rebellious and casanova streak: he hacked into his school’s program codes so that he could sit next to as many girls as possible. Way to go Bill!

Bill’s Good Deed #8
How did Bill vote with regards to legalizing Marijuana in his home state? The answer is – yes!

Bill’s Good Deed #9
Bill Gates is working with scientists in developing a new kind of nuclear reactor that would be useless for nuclear weapons as it would be run on nuclear material that is currently waste. In the US alone there is enough nuclear waste that represents a total of $100 trillion.

Bill’s Good Deed #10
Bill Gates purchased the Codex Leicester, one of Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook, for a staggering $31 million, and yes you guessed it, he made them freely available.

Bill’s Good Deed #11
A device has been developed that can kill 100 mosquitoes per second up to a distance of 100 feet by using infra-red motion censoring and a Blue Laser. the idea came about after Bill Gates requested help to fight mosquito-spread Malaria in underdeveloped countries. The production cost is only $50!

  • Carolyn Hurst

    Mr. Gates, what stock did you buy or invest in concerning Marijuana, My reasoning for asking is I’m disabled
    with a crashed spine. I would love to try cooking with MJ, but more than that I would like to know which stock
    to buy be cause 1200.00 a month doesn’t go very far and it leave no money for my daughter who is disabled and her 2 girls with 1 great grand baby. My husband died in 2010 with melanoma, and I became disabled in 2013
    If you can let me know which stock, it would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks Carolyn in Stephenville, Texas

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