LIVE Information Security Comedian! Bennett Arron

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LIVE Information Security Comedian! Bennett Arron

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This one is a special one…!

[Quick Link: World’s ONLY and Greatest Information Security Comedian this Wednesday – Bennett Arron at 9 PST/ 12 EST/ 5 GMT.

Bennett will be presenting and talking about “How To Steal An Identity”.

Since 2011 we’ve been providing first class interviews and opportunities for information security professionals to discuss their research on our web show: Hacker Hotshots. To date we have had nearly 200 of the world’s best IT security experts discuss everything from Raspberry Pi hacking to Social Engineering and everything in between. Most of our speakers have presented at events like DEFCON, Toorcon, Hack In A Box etc [side note: if you are interested in seeing the latest and greatest information security events in 2014 hit this link up] or for 2015 and 2016.

However…! This May 14th (1200 EST/ 0900 PST and 1700 GMT) will be different!

We have a Concise Courses world first: The Worlds ONLY InfoSec Comedian – the mighty Bennett Arron! presenting and talking to us on Hacker Hotshots.

How To Steal An Identity with the brilliant comedian Bennett Arron!

As well as being a multi talented stand-up comedian and writer, Bennett is also highly knowledgeable with regards to identity theft. In this much anticipated 15 minute Hacker Hotshot hangout, Bennett will:

  • Share how he lost everything through Identity Theft and how it left him penniless and homeless.
  • How he stole the identity of the BRITISH HOME SECRETARY to prove how easy a crime it is to carry out!
  • Talk about the documentary he made “How To Steal An Identity” for Channel 4 in the UK

Here’s a little bit about Bennett Arron

The below is taken from Wikipedia which has a pretty excellent write-up of the very excellent Bennett Arron:

Bennett Arron is an award-winning Welsh writer and stand-up comedian. In 1997 he was a finalist of the BBC New Comedy Awards, alongside Peter Kay. He is a past winner of the BBC Wales New Writer’s Award and the TAPS Comedy Writer of The Year Award.

Born in Port Talbot in South Wales Bennett moved to London to attend the drama school, the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts. It was there that he started writing and performing sketches. After leaving drama school he formed the sketch group 4-Ply. The group toured venues around the country and had a sell-out show at the Edinburgh Festival.

Since then Bennett has had a very successful career as a stand-up comedian and has written for several television programmes. In 2007, he wrote, directed and presented the documentary How Not To Lose Your Identity for Channel 4 which was based on his own experience of identity fraud and proved how easy a crime it easy to carry out by dumpster diving and social engineering. He even went as far as setting up a stall at a shopping centre, supposedly selling identity theft insurance, but in fact was scamming people into revealing all their identity information In the programme he stole the identity of the then Home Secretary, Charles Clarke and was subsequently arrested. The programme was critically acclaimed by the press (“Pick of the Week”, The Guardian; “fascinating and disturbing ****”, The TV Times) and led to Bennett touring a show based on his experiences, as well as being commissioned to write a book.

Join us! Here’s the link. As always you can ask questions and engage directly with the speaker. Of course – don’t forget that Bennett will also be talking mostly about ID Theft – “How To Steal An Identity” – something which Bennett unfortunately has first hand experience with.

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