So you want to become an ethical hacker?

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So you want to become an ethical hacker?

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  • vicky singh

    plz give me instruction to become a ethical hacker ,, i want to make a field in hacking and cracking

    • Concise-Team

      Hi! Thanks for your comment. Sign up for our live demo on how to sniff a network with Eric Reed on Feb 20th. If you miss it don’t worry there is a replay (on the same URL). Also – the reason why I hope you can make it is because Eric is a veteran CEH instructor – (Certified Ethical Hacker) so he would be great for you to ask questions to reference with your intention to enter the field. Good luck and thanks for your comment!

  • Muhammad Naveed Anwar

    I want to learn all the techniques of hackers.

  • Nahid bin ahmed

    I want to be a hacker.but i don’t know how to hacking..plz help me……

    • Henry Dalziel

      Gosh. Quite a difficult question to answer here. First-off, I’d concentrate on becoming a professional IT security ‘expert’ and drop the term ‘hacker’. To answer your question though, hit up our resources such as our Past Hacker Hotshots since they are all security pro’s that present on a variety of subjects that might be of interest to you. Let us know if we can help with anything – just contact us.

  • r.varun

    i am interested in becoming an it security professional.. i have just finished last year in schooling.. do i take a in IT or any other course.? and wat about the military stuff you mentioned?

    • Henry Dalziel

      The best thing to do in our opinion is to try and specialize in a particular area. Do you have a particular security niche that you are interested in? Think along the lines of digital forensics or healthcare. Let us know if we can help you and good luck with your career.

  • Sumit S Patil

    Want sugetions about what is the first step for being hacker…

  • Thomas Demorrow

    For someone who is new to the field of Computer Science what would be the best route to start on the road to ethical hacking. I am already in school for networking but not sure where to go with it next.

    • Henry Dalziel

      Thanks for your post. The first place to start like as in any other profession is experience. An idea could be to set-up a side gig as a security consultant. Why not audit friends and families web sites and networks and then mention that on your CV. The good news is that the security space has major in-demand recruitment potential – but there is a lack of experienced and qualified professionals.

      Certifications is another important consideration you might want to take. Passing Security+ or Certified Ethical Hacker will also be beneficial.

      Here’s a post that you might find useful. Do get in touch with us especially if you are interested in getting certified and thanks again for your post.

  • Vineet Bramhankar

    Sir i’ve passed 12 std just this yr
    I Want to be an ethical hacker.
    Sir so which course shouuld i choose ??

  • Jaimangal

    I want to become and Ethical Hacker I’m in class 11 at the moment – how do I start?

  • John Greiner

    Im almost done with my ccna. They offer 1 security class that I will take. Where would I go after I get that cert. I have certs in windows 7 and windows server 2012. I have no real field experience in IT. I see nothing about ccna on your list. Would I have to start over in some other course?

  • skippol man

    i want to be a great hacker ever liveth please i need helps

  • aditya

    hi im a teen and im already interested in ethical hacking .
    i want information on how can i pursue certified ethical course im currently studying in a junior college or a Pre-University College (PUC)

  • ANIL

    do we get jobs and good pay scale very immediately after completion of following courses “CEH, CHFI, ECSP” please kindly provide genuine information because institutions are seeking heavy fees

  • chirath

    after completing CCNA what i have to done to be a CEH

  • Larry

    Hey i want to become a black hat hacker can i join it please

  • megha

    i want to be a legal hacker ,what astream should i take in class 11 and which sunbjects?

  • Devin H.

    I want to be able to learn the tools and tips to hack, including the processes. I am planning on working for companies that may be targeted any way and would like to help them get their security updated, hence what has been named white hat hacking. I would like to learn what I can for free as well. Thank you for your time.

  • butter

    I want to learn how to code and be a security expert but jam just a teen 🙁

  • butter

    I would like to learn how to do things like these but I can’t 🙁 most people tell me Liam not good enough for it and that I can’t achieve it 🙁 and is it bad if Liam just a teen?

  • Sumit Nath

    i want to become ethical hacker
    but i am not clear that what subject should i take in class 11
    i want full details before 1 march 2015
    plzzzzzz help i am in great confuse

  • Saksham

    I am in class 11 i want to become an ethical hacker what should i do..???

  • nimagna

    Sir I want to start learning hacking after class 10 what should I do

  • Rahees Ahmed

    sir i wnt to become ethical hacker what should i do..i now c,c++ and

  • Vidyadhar

    Sir, I’m a Btech student with ECE Background! I Have very much interest in Hacking! I want to become a Ethical Hacker. What should I do? Do u Have any Courses to learn? plz Help me.

    • Henry Dalziel

      Hi Vidyadhar and thank you for your comment.

      There isn’t much more that I can add – please read the other comments and suggests for courses that you can take before applying for entry level cyber security jobs that would employ ethical hackers.

      A key point, however, and one that is pertinent to all the visitors to our blog seeking information on becoming an cyber pro, is that you need experience. Experience and knowledge are the two key ingredients.

      Whilst you are seeking employment I’d go ahead and become very proficient in being able to use pentesting/ hacking tools.

      Good luck with your job search!

  • Sajid Akram

    please help me to became a hacker

  • bharath

    if i have completed my 10+2 education,what are the best colleges i can join in engineering to become a hacker……..anyone please guide me to become a hacker

  • garry

    I want to know that what courses i need to do to be an ethical hacker.

  • Ravi Singh

    I want to become an ethical hacker but I confused what I learn which help in my future and how I can become ethical hacker…and which is the best coarse…

    • Henry Dalziel

      Hi Ravi.

      I’d take a look at learning the fundamentals of IT and certainly learn networking and basic computing principles. Courses like CompTIA Network+ and A+ will certainly help. Following from that – I’d think about CEH and/ or Security+.

      Good luck!

  • Ashish kumar

    Sir i want to do this course for many years but i don’t know about any institute or collage. Please suggest me.

  • ankit

    sir I’m now starting my studies of B.E. IT can i study something related to ethical hacking while studying B.E. IT??

  • Priyanka Pachouly

    Sir I’m a bsc mathematics student and I’m pursuing my CISE course. Sir I’m confused whether i will get good job after this? I’m thinking too give exam of CEH after some experience..

    • Henry Dalziel

      Hi Priyanka – we replied to you privately. Regarding your CISE Certification, can you expand a little – have you finished that or have you just started? CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) is a mid-range Professional IT Security Cert that is now widely (and internationally) recognized. Many employers recognize and respect the cert. Get experience as well and you’ll be a in a great place to get a job in security. Typically IT workers move into Cyber Security – so perhaps just focus on getting a job within IT and you can then migrate into security where there is tons of demand.

  • Aniket rastogi

    Sir i am a 11th class student n really intrested in hacking i wanna becme a ethical hacker plz tell what should i do after completing my 12th

  • Shubham

    I want to become an ethical hacker and i wanted to know that how much marks are required in class 10

  • Vishal Singh

    Sir, i have done an ethical hacking course and still i don’t have any job and idea of what to do in future and i am curious about hacking so
    Can you plz help me to suggest something good.

  • nitin sharma

    i am in second year (CSE branch) right now and i am interested in network security and ethical hacking but the problem i am facing is that i don’t know where to start from. I am well versed with c and java programming language. Please help me out with some suggestions…

  • Ssagar

    sir I’m in electrical eng. field but I want to become ethical hacker then what is the process to come in this sector?can get entry in Electrical as well as ethical hacking?

  • Marison

    I really want to become an ethical hacker , as computer just happens to become passion . so what course should I study so as to get into the line of ethical hacking ? Please give a clear reply so as to think abt my future

  • Anonymous

    I’m the student of B.Com 1st year and I want to become an ethical hacker so what should I do and from where should I start… Plzz reply me

  • Ritesh dhull

    I am in 10th class which side i choose in 11th class for learning ethical hacking

  • aslam

    I am a computer commerce student. what can I do became a white hat or a hakker

  • Aslam

    Dear Sir I am a computer commerce student. I really want to become a white haker. Then which course I want. Sir please faster response this.

  • vamsi

    I want to become a hacker plsz guide me I want to contact with good hacker pls contact me sir [redacted]

  • Ritesh dhull

    Please guide me which side i choose in 11th class to become a hacker

  • Harshit

    What subjects should do i opt for in 10 standard to become a ethical hacker

  • Nidhi Suvarna

    I am in std. 12th now…
    which engineering am i supposed to pursue after 12th… if i want to become an ethical hacker??

    • kunal

      Nidhi you don’t need any Engineering… First you have to learn basic of computer, networking, router, hub etc… and Prefer IT field in engg.

  • Krima shah

    I m going on wid my 12th science exams nd further I want to make career in ethical hacking so nw aftr 12th hw should I start with??

  • dr.el

    Hello dear .
    I have some questions and I would be very happy and thankfull if you help me 🙂
    Can you please tell me which is the proper learning road of becoming ethical hacker ?
    1.If I dont have any knowledge of IT, computers what you suggest (how to start) ?
    2.What degree in university is best to choose for gaining knowledge on IT and ethical hacking?
    3.Can you please describe courses or roadpath , university degrees of becoming ethical hacker ?

    Thanks in advance
    Have a good day/night

  • Gulshan

    i want to become a hacker but i want to know that how much percentage will needed in 10 class for doing this course

  • Subhash

    I passed out recently BBM degree but I passionate to become a pro hacke , can I go into hacking field with out IT field back ground? I finished A+ nd MCSC.

  • kunal

    I was started my CompTia A+, N+, S+ and CCNA after then CEH please tell able some Grey hat and Teaching

  • Anonymous

    1>how many marks did i require in 10th class to become a ethical hacker?
    2>which subject which i would choose in 11th class for ethical hacker?

  • Arnav Bose

    Hi i want to be a Ethical hacker i have just passed out my 12 class from commerce steam and i don’t have the knowledge of hacking but i want to start my career in the field of hacking.

  • nishwal

    Sir i am btech 2nd year cse student …i want to make carrier in ethical hacking ..please guide me what should i do ..and what exam should i take for becoming ethical hacker

  • arsalan

    sir im 2nd puc science studnt i want to learn ethical hacking which course should i take.

  • Shehbaz Pathan

    i m a student of class 10th, i m intrested to become an ethical hacker. what shall i do next after completing my 10th?

  • Mohammed Adil

    sir I am In class 11th. I want my future in hacking. please tell me from where i have to start and when..

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