BackBox 3.05 Linux pentesting distro and rival to Kali

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BackBox 3.05 Linux pentesting distro and rival to Kali

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Our favorite Linux Pentesting Distro is BackBox and we have been singing its’ praises for a while now. Here’s an update:

Using the Linux Kernel 3.2 the creators of BackBox announced version 3.05. BackBox and Kali Linux. In our opinion BackBox is better then Kali – primarily because of the insistence to run the distro and associated penetration testing (hacking) tools on an XFCE 4.8 platform which basically means it is very fast. XFCE is super lightweight on resources. Also, another reason we prefer BackBox is because BackTrack, notably version 5 upwards, was riddled with issues.

BackBox, like Kali, is also based on Ubuntu which in itself is an extension of Debian, so you can be (guaranteed) well-written updates.

So what’s new in BackBox version 3.05?
Many things according to the creator and the developers. In summary they have addressed several security vulnerabilities, improved productivity, the start menu, compatible drivers (especially for Wi-Fi) and many new tools have been added and/ or updated including:

New or updated penetration and hacking tools bundled with BackBox 3.05
» bAutomater
» inundator
» Ettercap
» Wireshark
» SE Toolkit
» Metasploit
» sqlmap
» BeEF
» Recon -ng
» zaproxy
» Weevely
» truecrack
» Hashcat

For more information on the distribution including stats, links, polls, videos and more click here!

Many Linux distros have a specialization whilst others are more general. BackBox, Kali Linux and KNOPPIX would be considered as being more general whilst distros like CAINE, or Samurai WTF are more niche – focusing for example within a digital forensics or other similar security space. In any event, there is no better way to learn how to use security penetration testing tools than within a Linux box, not least one which updates the programs and kernel in an efficient way: like BackBox does. The old BackTrack (pre-Kali) version 5 and 5r3 was riddled with issues hence why the folks at Offensive Security decided to revamp and relaunch BackTrack. The changes were so significant that they decided to re-brand the distribution and call it Kali Linux.

If you are interested in learning more about individual distros, hit one of the links below, or read this for a general overview.

Kali Linux
Samurai WTF
Knoppix STD

We’d love to hear your thoughts about any distros or releases that you have recently used. If you have any to add or comments please shout in the comment space below!

Also!!! We’d love your vote! Which is your favorite pentesting distro? Let us know.

  • swhpg

    I just installed BackBox, before I tried it I also tried backtrack 5r3, but i prefer BackBox for a beginner like me. Backtrack 5r3 was much more buggier so it made it hard for me to use it.

  • furqan

    I am a beginner, I am thinking about installing Backbox . But I am confused, Please guide me , should I install Backbox or should i install Kali ? Which one is better for beginners like me ?

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