Tad-dah! The world’s most affordable Security+ self study package!

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Tad-dah! The world’s most affordable Security+ self study package!

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We’ve been busy. Really busy!

We’ve made quite possibly the world’s most affordable CompTIA Security+ self-study package!

In a nutshell here is what it includes:

  • One year-long Security+ exam voucher
  • Package ships with book titled: “CompTIA Security+ Cert, Exam SY0-301 + uCertify, Student Manual”
  • Full access to our mobile responsive learning management platform
  • Vast amount of Security+ background information (including salary and career advice etc)
  • 700+ course slides
  • 4 x 80 question timed exams
  • 1 performance based practice question test

All of this for an amazingly low fee!

For more information please follow this link.

Our mobile responsive learning platform
We are particularly proud of our new learning management system that launched a few weeks ago. The platform is hosted on seriously robust and scalable servers, and the actual framework is simple whilst not being simplistic. The design is meant to be distraction-free and easy on the eye allowing you to focus on the content. The entire platform is mobile responsive which means that it fits perfectly well in a tablet or mobile. One of the key benefits of the mobile responsive framework is that you can study on the move or if you have a quick five minutes of downtime and have your phone with you – you can study anywhere!

Another key feature of the Concise Courses learning management system is that it is based upon an automatic progressing-monitoring principle. What that means is that the system remembers exactly where you are in the course when you next log in. In other words, if you have completed say, 27% of the course material, then that is what is remembered for you the next time you log in.

The automatic progress monitoring also extends itself to the Security+ practice tests! We have set up five practice exams that are timed and completely realistic. You can take the tests as many times as you wish.

New Security+ Performance based questions (practice included in our package!)
Performance based questions on the Security+ exam are relatively new – having being launched in April 2014. We have blogged about performance based questions before and it seems that since we last wrote on the subject the assessment format seems to have been very successful. Originally the Security+ exam (SYO-201 and now SYO-301) had only 100 multiple choice questions.

After performance based questions were included in the final assessment students will typically have anywhere between 80 to 90 multiple choice questions, and anywhere between ten or more performance based questions.

The major reason why CompTIA introduced the ‘extra’ element of performance -based questions was to steer students into using more analytical skills and allowing the individual to demonstrate their ability to execute commands – something which is obviously critical when assessing a students InfoSec skills.

Before performance-based questions came into the Security+ mix, a student might have been able to pass the test by simply memorizing information.

Examples of performance based questions could include for example executing simple Linux commands, or matching a set of protocols, ports, hardware tools, and more.

Our Security+ Self-Study package also includes a performance based practice test that you can take as many times as you wish.

To see a comprehensive breakdown of our Security+ course please click here.

In Summary
Good luck with your studies! CompTIA Security+ is a superb infosec cert and one that we’d highly recommend that you study the cert. The course will benefit your career and help find and secure employment. Please get in contact with us if you have any questions relating to information security certifications, we are always happy to help. All advice comes with zero obligation.

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