LIVE Webshow: Advanced Threat Detection In ICS/ SCADA Environments

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LIVE Webshow: Advanced Threat Detection In ICS/ SCADA Environments

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We have covered a lot of SCADA/ ICS security subjects and discussions here at Concise Courses.

Here are a few of our SCADA Security blog posts and events from 2013-2014:

This Thursday, usual time, 12 EST (9 PST/ 5 GMT) we have a very special SCADA show with Brent Huston from Microsolved presenting: Advanced Threat Detection In ICS/ SCADA Environments.

Here are some bullet points which Brent will be addressing in his presentation this Thursday:

  • Real case studies of where organizations have failed to monitor and the consequences that they suffered as a result.
  • How to properly illustrate the necessity for human monitoring to management, business and IT personnel.
  • How to use ICS/SCADA honeypots and intrusion detection to analyze, critical infrastructure products.
  • How to use a “Detection In Depth” methodology

For more information, to register, or to watch the video post event then please go ahead and hit this link up!

About Brent Huston

Brent has 20+ years experience in technical information security, risk management and executive consulting.

Brent is the inventor and developer of HoneyPoint Security Server, which is a technology platform for anomaly detection and threat management. He has also authored several other software products over the last two decades.

As a thought leader in information security, Brent is routinely engaged with companies performing deeply technical security testing, product testing, code reviews, penetrations and incident response work across a variety of industries with special focus on areas of critical infrastructure, ICS/SCADA, banking, telecomm and government.

In Summary

If you even have a passing interest in SCADA systems then this Hacker Hotshot event is for you.

Securing SCADA systems is almost impossible as a result of the (perhaps incorrectly configuration) of allowing ICS systems to be Internet-facing.

Do you work with SCADA systems? If so not only would we encourage you to attend this talk but to drop a comment below and let us know what your primary concerns are with SCADA and Vulerabilities within ICS systems – what is the primary driver to secure them? As always our events are completely open to everyone and we encourage you to ask as many questions as you wish!

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