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Add your Cybersecurity Courses To Our Directory!

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Add your cybersecurity courses to our training directory for free!

Concise Courses would like to offer the opportunity to everyone to add their cybersecurity courses to our directory. We currently offer over 100 courses (some our free, others are paid) to the public and the uptake is huge. We welcome any course authors to get in touch with us and submit their courses and training programs.

To see our cybersecurity course directory please click here.

Why are we doing this? Simple – we want to become a one-stop shop for cybersecurity infosec professionals to access course materials and content and for that content to help obtain Continuing Education credits. To make that happen we need your help! We have over 20K InfoSec professionals in our database and we contact them on a regular basis to let them know what course and training opportunities we have coming up – so why not include your course!

What are the benefits of adding your courses?

There are many benefits for adding your courses to our cybersecurity training directory. These include:

  • Take advantage of our traffic and reputation! We have over 20K cybersecurity professionals that like what we do, and are keen to learn new skills – let your research be in that interest pool!
  • Get your name out there! It’s certainly a positive thing to have your name associated with great content within your niche and community – let us be a platform to further get your work out there!
  • Make money! Although a lot of our content and courses are free, you can charge if you wish. We have an excellent Learning Management System which is mobile responsive which you can take advantage of; all which allows you access to see who has enrolled on your course and see how much you have made.
  • Take advantage of our skills and marketing prowess. We have been in this game for coming up to five years now and yes, we have many in-house skills that we learned the hard way – let us share those with you and help you get your cybersecurity research and training out there!
  • Benefit from our total support.

In summary

With nothing to lose and everything to gain by adding your courses to our cybersecurity directory, you’d be foolish not to get involved! Contact us if you have any specific questions or concerns and we will be happy to organize a call with you.

Also, whilst we are on the subject of research and promoting training programs and courses, why not also participate in a Hacker Hotshot episode? To date we have interviewed and let more than 200+ InfoSec professionals present their work and research. Our videos (that are all conducted on Google Hangouts) have been watched more than 400K times! That is a staggering amount and again all benefit you since these videos, presentations and courses all add weight to your credibility and reputation within the cybersecurity community.

To see our list of past Hacker Hotshots events and presentations please click here.

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