Try and pass a 5 minute CISSP practice exam. I double dare you.

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Try and pass a 5 minute CISSP practice exam. I double dare you.

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  • Bill H

    I studied for the CISSP exam by taken a class through new horizons, but that used an old Shon Harrison book that was published in 2009. Then they gave me Boson pre-testing software that didn’t cover new exam questions. I did as I told to, in order to get ready for the test. By getting at least 80% or better before taking the test; however, my scholarship from unemployment did not cover any official testing. So I got an 650, and did not pass even after studying for four months striate at least two hours a day. Even more the closer I got to the testing date; I am hoping to test again around the end of March. But I still have limited resources, and can’t afford the $1300.00 for the up to date books and pre-testing soft ware. I am using Professional Test Pro, and re-using the old software. I hope I can pass this time, because I can’t afford to test again; until next year!

  • SImon H

    I bought the short 11th hour guide, the much longer Shon Harris text book and exam book from Amazon.

    I studied for about 6 weeks, doing all the test exams in the books as well as 7 to 8,000 test questions on the free Skillset site.

    Reading the 11th hour guide let me work out quickly what I knew and I used the Shon Harris book to delve into what I didn’t.

    I did so many test questions to get used to the weird wording and trick question format that CISSP favors. It’s just so easy to miss the NOT, or over think the BEST answer.

    I passed first time, without having been to any expensive training. Some of it is just memorization like ISO 7 layer, RAID levels, types of fire extinguishers etc.

    It seemed to be a fair exam, with the material in the syllabus showing up on the exam.

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