100 Hacker Hotshot Web Shows!

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100 Hacker Hotshot Web Shows!

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Thank You VERY much.

We’ve done it! 100 Hacker Hotshots!

We are thrilled, delighted, proud and, well, just happy to have reached this milestone! To have organized and interviewed 100 of the world’s best information security experts has been a privilege and we would like to thank each and every one of our speakers.

Of course we’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to our community and our team here at Concise Courses for having organized all the previous – and upcoming – Hacker Hotshots!

To see the list of speakers, with links to their presentations, click here.

We have had such a varied mix of shows that it would take us forever to go through them all, but here’s an attempt at highlighting some of the most memorable events: hearing real-life recorded social engineering phone calls hacks, to seeing how a Raspberry Pi can be used to lethal use, Zombie Browsers, Skype VOIP hacking, and a wide variety of pentesting tools and programs that make our life easier!

We’ve had the creators of Drozer, PunkSPIDER, Sploitego, Scapy, logstash, Scylla and IronWASP on the show to name but a few. We’ve had some genuine old-school DEFCON veterans and speakers (you know who you are ;), and many well-known InfoSec personalities that travel the world and share their amazing research and work. We would like to give a special mention to the Hacker Hotshot that gave his presentation and talk wearing his bathrobe whilst reclining in his garden. Bonus prize to whoever can guess who that is, answers below please!

Here is our up to date list (as at September 18th 2013):

Concise Courses Hacker Hotshot Alumni of 2011 – 2013

Josh Sokol Jason Kent Dan Kuykendall Joe Grand Angelo Corsaro
Joanne Furtsch Robert Reed Sean Malone Jason Wood Russell Butturini
Jerod Brennen Marc Shinbrood Michael Coates Jaime Filson/ Rob Fuller James Wickett
Gary Warner Jason Mortensen Eric Deshetler John Pironti Brent Huston
Sherif Koussa Jeff Crume John B. Dickson Dan Cornell Gary Miliefsky
George Hadjiyanis George Noseevich Nikita Abdullin Phil Young Alejandro Caceres
Michael Boman Justin Searle Andrew Gavin Lavakumar Kuppan Dr. Phil Polstra
Joe Bardwell Svetlana Gaivoronski Randy Gainer Sergio Valderrama B0b Pan
Josh Thomas Chris Conley Christopher Pogue Dan Tentler Jeremy Faircloth
Ryan Holeman Adam Baldwin Jonathan Walker Nadeem Douba Eric Reed
Jonathan Walker Dan Petro Jonathan Schipp Zoltan Balazs Lachlan Hunt
Josh Shaul Alexander Polyakov Larry Pesce Gianni Gnesa David Willson
Siobhan MacDermott Gary Miliefsky Brian Martin Eric Filiol Nicolas Gregoire
Winn Schwartau Steven Fox Marcia Hofmann Dr. Galina Pildush Chris Silvers
Eric Leblond Thomas Holt Ilja van Sprundel Deral Heiland Ryk Edelstein
G Mark Hardy Jordan Sissel Jonathan Cran DJ Palombo Georgia Weidman
Aamir Lakhani Rob Randell Winn Schwartau Simon Crosby Ray Friedman
Michael Berman Ian Moyse Mario Heiderich Chris Danzig Janakiram
Rich Casselberry Shreeraj Shah Jay Judkowitz Michelle Dennedy Steve Orrin
Richard Stiennon Seth Robinson Kevin Henry Tady Walsh Molly Holzschlag

In Summary
Thanks again for all your work. Hacker Hotshot presentations can be quite difficult for the speakers because we have a ‘concise format’ in that we prefer talks to be as short as possible to synthesis the speakers research. The primary reason we like to keep the presentations short, sweet, and ‘on-point’ is because we broadcast at midday (Eastern USA) and we want our audience to able to appreciate the key takeaways and learning objectives of each talk without chewing up too much of their day.

We look forward to the next 100 shows and again, a big thanks to all our speakers, team members and of course our audience.

If you would like to present your research or demo your security widget, pentesting tool, program etc then please get in contact with us! The promotion and organization of you presentation, is, and has always been, completely free. We’ll do the marketing, you do the talking!

This post wouldn’t be complete without a mention of our upcoming web shows of course! We have 14 upcoming shows, with for example, speakers that are Android security experts, a talk on ‘How To Build A Spyphone’, the CloudFlare founder and CEO, and the creator of ‘CreepyDOL’ – Google that last one and you’ll see how creepy it really is!

  • Kimberly

    I would like to CONGRATULATE everyone at Concise Courses for reaching their milestone of 100 HotShot Web Shows. I for one have attended many of the web shows and have ALWAYS been impressed with the content as well as the speakers. Every presenter who I have personally watched has been professional and knowledgeable in the area they speak on. Honestly, I have not come across a better opportunity to be introduced to so many subjects and for FREE. If you have not tuned into Concise Courses HotShot Web Shows, do yourself a favor and register for one or two of the presentations to see for yourself just what a benefit they can be to you. My sincere thanks and appreciation to Concise Courses entire staff for making these web shows available.

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